Sold -


I am for sell

Scanning - 4M SP
Archaeology V
Astrometrics V


no killrights
pos sec stat
pos wallet
in highsec
1x Remap Available

Start bid: 4B
BO: 5B

I’ll start you off @ 4B

Thank you for the offer. I would like to sell for something more.

bump - still for sale. BO 5B now!

I’ll give you 4.5B

Offer accepted, send me isks and account name, thx

@Mary_Anneto will transfer in a couple hours, on mobile atm

ok thx

@Mary_Anneto ISK + Account info sent

Isk and acc name received.
Ticket filed.
Waiting for CCP now.

Thank you for the transaction

Confirmed toon received. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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