Sold--- password abc123

6.7 effective Caldari State standing
7.23 effective Amarr Empire standing
High standings with these makes this toon good for trading or for mission running.

  • Good armor fax/logi cruiser toon
  • Character is docked in Jita 4-4.
  • Positive ISK balance (970k ISK)
  • Has a set of HG Talismans in jumpclone in Itamo, which is also the only other jump clone aside from the one currently in Jita. (Both are highsec systems)
  • No kill-rights.
  • Has both the Minmatar Carrier and Amarr Carrier skillbooks injected.

Looking to sell it to someone who wants it for its standings (primarily), so I’m looking for something like 14B.

How much for this toon?

will pay 14b

I’ll offer 15bil to take it right now

sold to Tali’Shepard Vas Normandy for 15B, price agreed ingame.

Isk and account data sent

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