***SOLDDDD*** WTS Nyx focussed coffin toon 14m XP

I made this coffin toon a while back as a Nyx orientated pilot.

This character has most of the fundamentals with a few skills left to train - not far from Heavy Fighters 5 and JDC 5. The rest of the skills are niche ones that need trained to 5.

1 - SP - 14m
2 - Location - NPC Station
3 - No Jump Clones
4 - Positive isk balance
5 - No kill rights
6 - NPC Corp

Has a learning implant set and that only

Skill Board - https://skillq.net/char/Testicle/share/ae30ef81-762d-47aa-b981-3c57bc0abca4

Start bidding at 12b and will leave for a good few days or so highest offer wins.

12b offer

13b offer

would accept 14 firmly if you can go to that

I’ll give 14b, no problem.

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Accepted - I will start character transfer when home tonight - I finish work in a few hours.

Send details etc via eve mail and Il set it up


ISK and email with account info sent!

Hi there

ISK has been received - and character transfer has been started and is under way.

Thank you!