Confirming :wink:

I’m here also! :slight_smile:

Keen to huff gas? Wanna clear out that backlog of c5 sites?
Call me now on 1800 S.E.N.D.I.S.K to unlock your full potentia.


I’ll buy em both for 18b

Lets go!

22B. Old Birthdays. Clean History.
4.5M in drones. Rattle Ready. Call me maybe


Still for sale?

Yes Dear. Feel free to post or PM me. @ work however :wink:

To the top please.

Why are you advertising your overpriced Pilot in my sale post?
Secondly, Your character for sale isn’t in a starter corp.

Bump. Still for sale

ill buy both for 20b

Isk Received - Transfer initiating within 10min.

Character Name: Felurian Solare

Will be completed after: 6/16/2019 2:15:37 PM

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