Solo owning a player station

(kanaalt) #1

is there any advantage to owning your own refinery and engineering complex when operating a solo manufacture?

(Galen Dnari) #2

Several advantages. Revenue for your corp, reduced taxes/costs for corp members. Some disadvantages - structures can be destroyed or, if you’re not careful, stolen. And fuel costs money, which offsets your revenue (and may exceed it).

(Tipa Riot) #3

Solo? Almost none, except you can do what you want … but you have to pay the fuel bill and ransoms to wardeccers, without a chance of defending. Just do your math.

(Do Little) #4

6 months ago, I would have recommended renting in a public facility. After the EC I chose to work in because it’s owned by a large, well known organization ran out of fuel for the 3rd time, I decided to build my own.

With T1 rigs and 3 service modules it cost about 2.5 billion and burns about 400 million in fuel each month. My business is big enough and profitable enough that those numbers don’t bother me but you need to be selling a couple of billion/week at pretty good margins to make it worth while.

My EC is not defended. It’s already paid for itself - if someone decides to blow it up, no big deal, I’ll simply build another one.

(Peta Chieve) #5

Depends entirely on how much use you will get out of it. I have a personal one in a alt corp, that i just turn BPOs and BPCs over in, the 200M per month in fuel is easily covered by that. However the upfront was around 2B at the time. I recommend doing the math before making a choice, factor in how much you could make with it, how much it will cost, how much risk do you run from wardecs etc. how much traffic can you expect to help maybe pay for fuel in taxes.

(kanaalt) #6

thankyou all or the responses. gives me something to think about.

(Tipa Riot) #7

Some additional points … if you are specialized in building one particular type, you may be happy with one Raitaru. If you don’t know today what you will build the day after next like me, you probably will not become happy with your initial rig selection.

My production uses 5 public facilities atm, all perfectly bonused for their purpose in low index systems (where relevant). Though the downside is, that I had to switch production location already four times since EC were introduced, because wardeccers or costs kicked the owner out of business. Additional moves were made due to index spikes, which you won’t be able to with your own fixed installation.