Solo Player in Low and Null

Do areas exist in low and null sec where solo players can hang around or will they usually get chased out by corps or gangs who have ‘claimed the area’ ? It’s just a general question, I’m not really looking for any recommendations for regions or systems etc.

In null, a solo player can live in Providence… the only area in null that runs on a NRDS policy (Not Red Don’t Shoot) as opposed to the NBSI that is everywhere else (Not blue shoot it).

But… if you aren’t actually part of one of the Providence alliances, you have to be careful that you don’t ever shoot one of them in any space. If you do… you become red to all of Providence and they WILL shoot you. Also, reds do often come into Providence to kill things… and they don’t care about NRDS. But if you don’t attack locals at least they won’t kill you.

You can also live in NPC Null… but from my experience the locals there will still try to kill you all the time (even though I was last there years ago). But you can dock at the NPC stations, so you can make a go of it.

Low-sec has always seemed more of a no-mans-land. You can still survive solo with NPC stations… but unless you make friends with the locals I expect you’ll be hunted as much as you would in NPC null. I’ve never tried to stage out of low-sec to be honest. When doing FW I stage in a high-sec system near low-sec FW space. Ages ago I played solo mostly in lowsec… but I still lived in a HS “island” system surrounded by low.


Null is pretty much designed from the start to be sovereignty space, and all of it is under the control of an alliance or coalition. Most of them run NBSI (kill everyone who is not in the alliance) because it’s the most effective way to safeguard the space. The Providence region has traditionally been controlled by CVA et al., and they choose to run NRDS (they allow neutrals). This is their choice, and to enable it, they have to keep track of and maintain a large list of contacts; they put their war enemies and also everyone who breaks the rules or attacks them on their KOS list, so basically read the rules before you head over. Also, for maximum benefits, contact them and find out which comms channels you can join for advanced warning of enemy attacks (intel channels).

If you want null- but without alliance control, that’s what wormhole space has been designed for. It has the free-for-all combat rules of null (no Concord no nothing), but no overall alliance control (there may be small corps attempting to control each w-space solar system and claim it as their own; and you can use d-scan to see their citadels, bases, and planetary customs offices, and find out what corp they belong to).

Low-sec space is controlled by NPC’s and has some rules of engagement, the result of which has been that people go to low-sec to look for fights or easy prey, with industry / “carebear” players avoiding it like the plague. Mostly because the “risk” of PVP is fully in control of the PVP players who roam or live there, and the rewards are firmly in CCP’s control, and there doesn’t seem to be an automated PVE rewards system or loot drop table that CCP can program that will hand out appropriate rewards for getting ganked over and over again by PVP’ers. So what you see is fleet warfare or small fleet roaming PVP, anyone is a target.

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Wow, thanks for those detailed replies! I’m originally a beta tester for Eve so my account is from 2004 but I’ve not played properly for many years so I’m very much out of the loop, as I always am whenever I decide to return for a bit. This is a great help, thanks again.

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It’s viable, my favorite regions are syndicate and black rise

What you are going to do?
PvP? Low sec, especially FW space. Cause null PvP is all about large blobs dropping on Rorquals or what is the right name for ships, that do not fight back. You wait an hour and a half for fleet to form, thatn you spend another hour and a half chasing lonely interceptor with your capital fleet, that you go asleep wityhout single kill cause null is so empty, if no one wants to fight your blob. Not good for solo, IMHO.
PvE? Providence. All the way. “Last cultural null sec region”, as one player said. And I agree. You fly solo, but still can have a very nice chat with locals. No pressure, just watch their KOS list.
Both? Well, Syndicate can be an option. Many NPC stations, some have L4 security agents. People tends to use head and like small gang PvP more then in claimed nulls… Fit your Vindicator and go Zarvox’s 1vs5 way :wink:

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I used to play solo in low sec for quite some time, so it’s quite possible. You want to find a nice quiet area. It helps if you build a reputation of competence, so people realise that you are hard to catch, and capable of killing most tackle. (I would typically run PVE sites in a PVP fit cruiser, web scram and neut that tackle frigate, kill it, then GTFO before his backup arrives.) After a while people will either start ignoring you, or recruiting you.

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Citadels made some “stationless” high sec islands quite comfortable to live in. Check dotlan - there is a number of "nice quiet area"s out there, where you can sleep in unpopulated high sec and play in low…

Hi there guys!!! Hope you are having a great day, just a few noob questions…
15 days on EVE, have completed Arc missions, a few agents missions, got some ships, Thorax, Vexor, Algos…

My char LV vs PVP PVE enviroment it is not clear to understand, I used to play games where your LV is next to your Char´s nick Lv1… LV102… so… you know that you can handle situations around your same LV, here in EVE that is quite diferent… in adition there are those criminal OMEGAS clones with theyr fabulous, shiny, whel fitted, al mighty ships… WHEN, what LV I will became a respetable part of this community, able to kill defend my self from those abusive oppresors? engage DED, PVP? or as an Apha I will be your girl for ever and ever?

You can chose the red pill and become omega :wink:
What do you mean with LV? Highsec is the newbiespace. There are some bullies, but most times you are very comfortable there and can go play with rats. Be careful at hubs like Jita though.
But even Alphas can be quite successful in playing with the “fabulous”. Some start podding on their very first day - it’s just your choice. Just don’t be afraid to lose ships and clones.

LV = Level

If Im not wrong EVE has up to LV5, besides Skills LVs, that goes beyond character´s LV. In that case yo can be LV4 with Skill xxx LV 10 and so…

THEEEN you have STANDING level that alows you to take higher Agents missions…

This variety of details, complexity makes EVE unic, that makes your fist day on game a little bit baffling

Err… think you’re wrong.

Skills go to level V.
There is no character level.

Skills (as far as PVE and PvP are concerned) do two things.
1 - the various skills allow you to use various items
2 - various skills give bonuses to the effectiveness of ships and modules based on the skill level.

The much more important thing for a player is knowing how to fit a ship, which ships your ship and fitting are capable of fighting well, and how to use your specific ship fitting. A player who’s experienced with those things who is playing on a newly created alpha account with just the base skills needed for their fit is probably superior to a max-skill character bought by a player who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Basically you’ll be better in your Vexor with Gal Cruiser V than you would with Gal Cruiser III… but someone with experience and gal cruiser 3 is probably going to still be better than you are with Gall Cruiser V in the vexor.

yup… you are right, I got confused with “Armor 3 of 13 skills”

Fitting… Dude, I never saw a game that compex about that… each ship has its own fitting according with your needs PVP, PVE, emphasizing shield, armor, drones, lasers, etc etc etc…

Its good to know what you say, thanks for that

You can be high level in EvE from day 1 if you have KNOWLEDGE. Your level in EvE (there is no level in EvE) has very little to do with your skillpoints and a huge amount to do with your situational awareness and game knowledge. Other games are not as complex, so you know that two LvL10 players will be essentially the same. EvE is not this boring, learn to enjoy it and don’t wait for skills too much.


PvP level isn’t cut and dry as far as levels. You have to pick your battles… Luck and properly fitted ships makes a big difference but not all the difference.

Skill(as in your personal skill) and control will win over money and poorly “leveled” and unskilled 95% of the time.

The levels are more like ship bonuses over base stats. Say you have 3 guns on an Atron, (just throwing numbers for example) with base damage of 100dps(damage per second). If you only trained frigate skills to 1, that’s 100dps. But training frigate to level 5, the bonuses add up to 127.6dps.

The levels your seeing are levels of bonuses the ship and gear on your ship are adding to you. Each ship has different sets of bonuses.

The Atron gets damage and range, extended range means more mobility and speed, making the enemy possibly miss you more. The Tristan gets gun tracking and drone health, the gun tracking is to hit faster ships and drones. The Incursus gets gun damage and extra armor repair amount, more armor repaired per cycle means you can be more committed to the fight for longer and get in close with very hard hitting close range guns.

Thanks a lot Katherine, I got the idea. Eve it is quite different from others MMorpg about Leveling system, obviously will need a lot of reading, a corp/bunch of mates. See you on game

Yes it is. People spend years playing this game and never master it completely.

There is many ways to fight in this game. Ship to ship, piracy, market fighting, Corp robbery, there are even industry undercutting to push the weaker out of an area.

Just depends on where you want to focus on.

Me, I don’t have the time to really play and work on eve like I would really like. I do mining, miner industry, exploring, and doing small combat sites, and save all my salvage and minerals for future endeavors.

Most expensive ship won’t always win the day if your creative in what you do.

Any of you could log in? my launcher stop working!!!

Sorry I can’t check, ol lady wanted to move furniture so all my equipment is taken apart for the next week or 2… HULK SAD :unamused: