Solo Player - Invasion

Is a solo player (Missile Boats BS/BC/HAC) going to be able to contribute/be effective against the Invasion? I popped into an Incursion several months ago just to look around and lost a perfectly good Drake. Rather quickly I might add.

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We don’t know. CCP do not seem to want to let us (players) test it (or it simply isn’t ready yet) as none of the Invasion content has appeared on SISI yet.

CCP tried this with the last few live events, no open testing, they did not go well.

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I am planning to take 2-3 days and sit in Jita until the glitches get sorted out. We are flying blind here and as was mentioned above, the last few “surprise” events have not gone well.

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Prepare your buckets and hauler trucks… even your in-game haulers for all the tears and salt that is to be expected as everything can go wrong WILL go wrong, and good ole’ CCP fashion, even more. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I sure have mine ready…



The first 24-48 hours of a new CCP event usually falls into two groups.

  1. They err in the player’s favor and the goals (enemies) are too easy (rarely happens) or the loot drop tables are too generous and early participants make out like bandits.

  2. They err and the enemies are darn near unkillable or deal damage far more than they should resulting in huge player ship losses. The variation on this theme is that the rewards are not worth the value for the expense,time, and risks the players undertake. The former variation is usually is resolves within 48 hours. The later may never be resolved. See RW or Guardian’s Gala for examples.

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I do not believe the invasions are a time limited event. They’ll be more like incursions. I do believe recent events play tested some of the content they’ll provide. We need a larger source for the materials to build Triglavian ships if they are to become mainstream - I expect invasion systems will provide that. Minor conduits may be solo content but, in normal space, you’ll need to contend with other players. Other sites will be group content.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the expansion is deployed to Singularity after the Keynote at Eve Down Under so people have a few days to test the content.

This is exactly why this

Will be completely insufficient, this will be a major content expansion, it needs thorough testing. A few days will not cut it.

you can also test it in game when the event starts. Why should players be fully prepared BEFORE? in other mmos, when a new raid/boss appears, players don’t get the strategy before, they have to work on it and find it. Sure you could loose some ships in the first tries, but without risk there is less fun, no?

Just a simple question based on past experience and curiosity. I’m not looking for a “WIN” button.

We didnt think such a thing existed in Eve lol :smiley:

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Its not about preparing, its about

  • finding that npc that has its ROF set to 0
  • finding that acceleration gate that allows T1 cruisers and HAC’s yet not Assault Frigates
  • finding that structure that has 99% resists and 1 sec shield recharge time
  • finding that ore that actually is set to be ice
  • etc

Otherwise patch day / week becomes a nightmare for the community team dealing with the threadnaughts, the GM’s dealing with the sudden influx of massive amounts of petitions and the dev’s desparately trying to fix stuff in a live environment.

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It is called biomass button. :wink:

Just bring a Gila, they win every event.


idk, maybe it will be sorta like the sansha invasion (w/ a updated eve twist to it)
any of yall old enuff to remember the original sansha invasion, before incursions started?
maybe look up some of that old info, or ask older players what happened.
all i remember from that, was i had lvl 2 core skills, and could barely fly a drake, but i got in on a super carrier kill in 0.3 anthem, people were flying in from all over hi-sec to engage the “borg” when they appeared lol

  • all i can say is always align out and be ready to warp off when targeted, till u figure out whats going on.

Sure, an incursus is a frigate, got any more irrelevant info? Perhaps regarding the ongoing Sansha “event”?

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