Solution to Null stagnation

Rather simple.

Close all the connections between SOV null and empire, including wormholes.

No one can get in or out of null, not even with Cynos.

Port everything in Null, incl. characters etcetc, to a separate sever.

There you go bois! This is EVE 2, and the whole game is yours! You’re the stars of the show. You’ll have special CCP devs to listen to every whim and whine to make sure you have exactly what you want, exactly how you want it.

You want a big boring blue donut? Knock yourselves out!

After 1-2 years re-merge the servers and open the connections back up.

Whoever’s left in Null after The Big Blue Bore gets to rejoin the rest of the game. Whoever didn’t make it, well, into the composter they go, assets and all. We need to free up names anyway!

This may or may not have been inspired by God Emperor of Dune. However, I’d prefer you just call me “Lady X” instead of God Empress, thank you very much.

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Yeah and null would salt producing more salt, whining all over the forums and CCP will give in.

No point. EvE cannot be fixed.

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But then us wormhole folks would have no one to shoot!!!

I haven’t left null in years so it wouldn’t matter to me if it was disconnected from highsec or not.

xuixien you seem awfully bitter about nullsec


That’s “Lady X” to you.


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