Hi Guys,

Did try to search for an answer but couldn’t see anything.

I have 5 accounts , 1 of which I have subscribed to Omega level.

I now want to use my isk on my account to purchase plex and resub the other accounts.

When I last played there was option to be able to log in for couple of hours to achieve this but I cant see it now.

When I try to log into my accounts without it being plexed it log in but doesn’t let me load any of my toons as they are not compatible with Alpha level.

Appreciate any help.

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I think that option was removed as you can play without subscription now (alpha state). And to plex these Alpha accounts, you just need to buy PLEX as gift in the NES or transfer money to the alpha accounts before, then log out the omega and log in the alpha accounts one after another.

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HI thanks for the reply got it now didn’t realise I couldn’t have an omega logged in same time as a Alpha.


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