Some interesting game memes

1:EVE is fun everywhere except it’s not fun,Although it may be said that way, we still love it.
2:CCP fixed a bug where there were still people playing,Yes, whenever ccp updates.
3:KFC ,The earliest allusion is said to be that the director of a certain legion met the CEO and both parties arranged to have a meal. Unfortunately, they were short of money and had no choice but to sell the legion’s supplies and buy KFC. Later, it often refers to selling legion supplies to obtain real profits. Specifically, it refers to the behavior of individuals who serve as the management team of the legion or alliance in the game, using their positions to privately resell legion alliance materials in exchange for economic benefits. It is widely believed that only those truly poor losers (in a derogatory sense) will engage in such moral corruption, and the only economic gain they can obtain is to buy some junk food that is despised by the wealthy and handsome (in a positive sense), such as KFC Fruits. Therefore, there is this metaphor. However, due to such behavior being tacitly sanctioned by game rules, players can only morally condemn it and often cannot verify it. Therefore, KFC is often used by political workers to pour dirty water on hostile factions and slander the internal relationships between hostile forces.

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This is our meme.


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This post might get hidden or declared off-topic, but I find it insane there are so many PvP games (not just this one) that expects all their users to remain “family friendly” in both chat and their forums. I understand the company doesn’t wish to project the toxic, hate filled, bile that is present in all of these games depicting gratuitous violence and pitting player against player. However it always makes one ask, then why did they make such a game in the first place? The answer of course is money. This is just my attempt to make some sense out of the insanity, I am sure there will be a forum moderator along shortly to silence your education.

My favorite game meme has always been; All your base are belong to us.

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Official forum has to abide by the same rating as the game. Pegi-12 or pg-13

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It’s provably false that that doesn’t happen. In here or in the game. Don’t be daft.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Ah…this is the famous ’ I typed more numbers than I actually had comments to fill’ meme.


uncalled for; lacking good reason; unwarranted.

Spaceships shooting each other in animated battles, has not, and will never be gratuitous violence. It is a genre that has been around for +80 years. Eve has no chainsaws running or blood-soaked spleens flying across stations.

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Tell that to the next player just minding his own business, mining out in low sec, you choose to attack with your Manticore stealth bomber. I am sure he will totally agree, his venture was a huge threat and in your way. Killing him was so very called for, had good reason, and was warranted.

This is a PvP everywhere game, that is more than enough reason to blow up internet spaceships. :wink: The PvP guy was just minding his own business, blowing up space pixels when there is an opportunity, then some carebear comes along and throws unfounded slander at them for no valid reason. That sounds pretty toxic to me, could even say petty toxic. :smirk:


I don’t mind the gratuitous violence Uriel, I am just pointing out to Hans up there, it simply exists within all PvP games. The grammar is spot on, basically when you attack benign targets you are killing just to kill. Killing for fun is gratuitous violence. Calling people who choose to play the pacifist in PvP a care bear is a lot closer to slander than anything I said. Hans called me out on my grammar, you stepped in to protect him from me. Does that make you his white knight?

Wrong assumption I did not step in to protect anyone. I stepped in to add to the conversation as I saw the misconception surface again that shooting someone in a PvP game is considered bad for some reason, which is wrong, that is the very game itself according to the intention of its developers. So I pointed this out for the sake of being factual. That’s all. Try not to read more into things than are there and intended. :wink:

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Not a native English speaker but to me it seems there is both a reason and it is warranted.

  • In a PvP game it is natural to shoot anyone thus there is a reason: you play the game as intended.
  • The same applies to being warranted, in a PvP game if there is an opportunity to PvP then it is natural to take it.

Or in other words:

  • Not having a reason is false as in a PvP game it is the very reason one plays the game, you can play for other reasons but can not claim people who play the game for PvP are the unreasonable ones, if anything if one expects no PvP interaction in a PvP game is considered to be the unreasonable one.

  • It is not unwarranted because by the mere act of undocking you consent to PvP (and in extension installing the game as well) and as it is the core of the gameplay PvP is never unwarranted, instead it is always warranted.

Thus to me doesn’t seem the term “gratuitous” applies to the situation.


WARNING : The following may disturb some readers…

OMG ! I ‘killed’ some pixels ! I’d like to also confess to killing pawns in chess games, and a host of other gratuitous game misdemeanors that were fun. And worse still…I’ve shot up ‘pacifists’ in an…erm… shoot-em-up PvP game…oblivious to the fact that the victims were AFK watching Netflix. The horror !

  1. My apologies to the OP (AnHuo) I didn’t mean to derail your thread.
  2. I don’t have any issues killing (virtual or otherwise) I have done more than my fair share of killing.
  3. My statement got derailed by Hans, when they objected to the single word gratuitous.
  4. PvP games are meant to be violent, it is our choice how we plan to play within a sandbox system.

At this point, might I recommend anyone who desires to carry on with the conversation of defining the words and/or concept do so in another thread. Maybe a CSM can weed it out, migrate the postings to a related topic, so the meme thread can continue as intended. Although I really can’t think of any better game memes for Eve Online itself…

Fly safe o7

John, I defined gratuitous for you. Must I also define violence, killing, etc.

This is all pretend. When you unmoor yourself from reality or choose the wrong words to explain the same, you come up with silly conclusions. Blowing up pretend spaceships is not violence, gratuitous or otherwise.

I suppose Pacman caused nightmares and Mario Brothers trauma.


Surprised Pikachu

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Sir… are you not aware their is an INDUSTRIAL SCALE GENOCIDE of the Gurista population going on right now!? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :sob: :people_hugging: