Someone at war with Hell Dawn, contact me

just send a message ingame

Pull up Hell Dawn’s war history in game, look at all active wars, EVEmail Execs of alliances/CEOs of corps (including those under alliances) at war with them

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the info isnt enough for me to go through 52 war decs to find who is willing to fight back, and who is just avoiding jita and the routes to it till they get bored

Perhaps you could create a custom in-game player channel (or link to Discord, etc), EVEmail all the CEOs/Execs simultaneously including a link to that channel saying it’s for discussing and collaborating against the enemy, and all discussions take place simultaneously there. You can update the channel MOTD with info as you see fit. You can EVEmail multiple people at once so all you’re doing is dragging-and-dropping the exec/CEO names as the recipients to the same EVEmail message. It shouldn’t be too much effort. It would also be more discreet than what you’re doing here - less chance of espionage since it’s the CEOs/Execs of wardecs that are being notified, not randoms that might be enemy spies.

Archer, if the OP isn’t willing to contact 52 people then what makes you think they are going to read through your four long sentences?

The OP ought to join Hell Dawn and awox them.

OP thinks it requires more effort than it actually takes. You don’t need to establish 52 individual dialogues, you just need to issue 52 links (via a singular EVEmail) and whoever shows up shows up.

If they think sending an email takes work, just imagine how overwhelming it will seem once the PVP planning starts!


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