Something that could be done instead of WIS

(Alessienne Ellecon) #1

It’s quite obvious that WIS is finally dead. The CQ is being removed and all we’ll have left will be the 3D avatar system. But if there was something else that could be done with that?

Would CCP allow exporting EVE toons into other software (or even make their own software) for the purpose of making EVE machinima? I guarantee people would pay for this, even just to have interactive environments to put their toons in and take pictures of. I would buy that software in a heartbeat.

(Memphis Baas) #2

They may allow it, but you have to keep in mind a few things:

  1. They care about the perceived image of the game, and if they think the avatar system looks ugly or doesn’t match the art and atmosphere direction that they want the game to follow in the coming years, they probably won’t want to give up control of the avatars by letting third-party developers play with them.

  2. They have rules for creating eve-related stuff. You won’t be able to just do it, you’ll have to enter into some sort of contract with them.

(Doogan Algaert) #3

I am pretty sure there was mention of using the avatar system in exploration, I also believe a dust514 style game could work on a boarding system instead of a planetary one, and be used with the already developed VR technology. The imagination knows no bounds and the possibilities are as vast as the space genre itself.
#makeevegreatagain !!!

(Este DeStirr) #4

However CCPs budgets do have bounds and the possibilities are constrained within. Perhaps if everyone wasn’t unsubbing because they can’t ghost-train anymore…

(Agondray) #5

those bounds would be a lot bigger if they didn’t do unknown projects that they quit half way through, or waste the dev time constantly balancing because they gave us ships we can fit out a number of ways, we pilots find the best use for a ship and use it for that best use, ccp doesn’t like that. 3rd party programs and sites don’t help any that we can spread a fit faster than a wildfire can burn.

(Lateris) #6

I will miss the display screens and the content posted. I thought they were fantastic. I wouldn’t mind that option from the UI. I hope PI stays in game…

(Alessienne Ellecon) #7

If they thought the avatar system was ugly, it would be gone by now. I’ve seen examples of the pre-Incarna avatar system and good GOD were they ugly. The current system isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough to allow players to express themselves through their toons.

All we need is a means of putting those snazzy 3D avatars to good use, if not in the game than at least in machinima.