Avatar update


Can you please update the Avatar in Eve, you keep updating the ships but why not update the Avatar…

This is has not been updated for ages and i don’t understand why you have not updated it, please make it look more like the Sims and make it look more human… it looks so outdated now!

And also while you are at it the backgrounds in the starbases also need updating they should look more 3D and could look so much better…

I have been playing Eve now for nearly 9 years now i think Eve needs some TLC

inb4 redundancy lock.

Avatars are useless. WIS, CQ, and pretty much every iteration therein are useless. This is a game about spaceships. Go find a habbo hotel server if you want to wander around chatting with people.

I know CCP will never bring back WIS or CQ but if Avatar is not needed why keep it?

When you first start the game you have to choose which race, why do all that… take it out if not required!

Excellent question. They should take this particular aspect out back and shoot it in the head. A coup de grace would be a very nice thing.

Shrug… I think at one point it mattered a little bit. At the moment it’s just lore flavour crystals to add to the pod soup.

support. its been too long, probably close to 8 years now since the last change. thats about the same period of time from the start of the game to the first avatar redesign.

EvE has always had this, way before WiS there was a different system. It was cool, it had some pretty cool punk looks!

No. You have no idea. Seriously.

Out there are tens of thousands of people who are easily manipulated by a pretty “cute/sexy looking girl” supported by a convincing personality. The visual representation of the character matters, if not for anything else, then still for psychological reasons. I’ve made carebears love my -10 just because the char looked and behaved cute.

You absolutely underestimate the power of a picture of a girl. Removing this would seriously harm the enjoyment of the game play of role players and, in case you don’t care (which would be sad), also awoxers.

Shrug, I don’t see the value. At the end of the day, stock pictures would serve that need well enough in my eyes.

When I tried to recruit my ex wife into Eve, she spent almost 2 hours designing her character (par for the course). Some people like that ■■■■, and more power to them. Just the same, we’re still playing a spaceship game.

Guessing it’s a couple bio links? I’ll check it out when I get home.

Present train of conversation reminds me of this.

i remember this. Can’t forget the “dick response” comment. : D

She deserves tons of kudos for pulling this off.

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:rofl: Along with the famed “skill curve” graph, this picture and it make up the bulk of my recruiting tactics when I’m talking to real people. Not that I end up talking to people often.

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Also, please add the teal high heels to the store! I desperately need those for a character, even though they will never be seen by anyone now because no walking in station. :frowning:

You know…

Some people think these are the things that make EVE great. I don’t understand those people. It’s supposed to be a video game played for fun.

Sadism is only cool when you have willing and consenting partners to practice it on. Attempting to play a video game with a bad reputation is not informed consent.

Hhhmmmm… when hating people of colour is racism, hating people of age is ageism and hating anyone in general is some form of -ism, what’s it called when people hate sadists?

I disagree completely. We all know the rules (if you don’t, then that’s on you). Consent is implied when you decide to play the game.

Oh, I’m not a hater of sadists. I’m just a promoter of informed consent.

Being a toy for sadists isn’t exactly in the official marketing materials, is it?

Kind of is, yes. Everyone who talks about eve talks about it as being a ruthless and cutthroat world. And they’re right. AND the developers intend for the game to be that way.

Is this while she’s playing Eve?

That’s an asinine comment, even by the lowered standards we have for you.

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it was a joke. it’s called sadism. like racism, etc. : - )

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