Sos local problem

(Likko) #1

today the local and some channels has a problem

local is not working
ccp pls fix the bug

(Pier Rin) #2

Its not a bug, its a feature :smiley:

(Likko) #3

lol …

(Pier Rin) #4

i have the same problems like a while back. Some people on local, then people on my overview that are not in local.

(Erika Fidard) #5

I can’t see myself in Local, Corp, or Alliance. MOTDs aren’t showing either.

(Matari Akiga) #6

I’m having the same issue and I’ve been randomly kicked from channels.

I hope it’s fixed soon as relogging several times to try and fix it every 15 - 20 minutes is getting a little old now.

(Victoria RavenSeer) #7

We’re down in Cobalt Edge, and had the same problem. Had 46+ Goonswarm fleets running about, and no one could seem them in local. Then when you tried to report it in local, everyone started arguing over there being anything in the system, Lost a battleship, and few others lost some ratting ships etc.

(Tjup Melle) #8

Can we get an acknowledgment on this CCP 2 mining ships lost in Corp this morning to 2 invisible locals only showing on overview. Petitions and screenshots sent.

(Aetrid) #9

Uh-oh…too bad one can’t use D-scan to see what’s out there…

(The Dunning Kruger) #10

CCP fixed afk cloaking? :ccpguard:

(The Dunning Kruger) #11

Well, bots rely on local. Why use dscan when you have a much more powerful intel tool with local? I can’t wait for all the renter / botter / RMTer tears when CCP finally gets around to revamp it.

(system) #12

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