Sounds Not Working Since Update?

Hey guys n’ gals.

I think I found a work around for my sound issue, I have my music back though! :slight_smile:

  1. Have your game running and verify your cache. (It found 1 corrupt file and loads of files that shouldn’t be there??)

  2. Closed the game and verified the cache again. (It still find that 1 corrupt file, but after that it started downloading close to 500mb).

  3. Enter game again and i have music.

Had my eve launcher running at all times.

Hope this solves some of your sound/music issues!

Forgot to add, I do not believe that there has been a 500mb update today? no one in chat knew about it, so i guess it is some corrupt files bad/missing files??


Sounds about right - the file causing the issue is ~520MB.
The main fix is curently in testing.

I did something like that
Sounds ok
Graphics ok
Thanks !

I had the download too

Edit: i spoke too soon… slows are back

Thanks, it started to me after moving to a new PC with reinstall from scratch … and I thought it was because I copied my config over from the old Win7 machine. Will try tomorrow.

So a couple of days ago the broken sound was brought back again. That was great.
Yesterday I realised that the sound was broken again. No turret sounds, no engine sounds. Music is still there though, as if that mattered.

Win7, 64 bit OS.

Is there an officially recommended workaround that is confirmed to bring back combat sounds? Is a real fix going to take a whole month again?

I have the exact same problem.
My game is running slow mainly when I am arriving from warp to some gates or ansiblex jump gates. I see FPS drops during that time. And same for undocking from station. It takes at least a minute to undock.
I am running Win 7 64Bit too for now as I have plans to buy a new PC after the summer. But right now I am still rocking the old Intel 2700K :slight_smile: with Radeon Rx 570 8GB RAM and 16GB DDR3 RAM.

I tried to reduce some graphics effect but looks like it will help only a little bit. And somehow I do not think that this is a porblem of my gfx card as it is quite good for some other heavy graphics games as Witcher 3 or some other action based games.
Those FPS drops when going out of warp to some gate are still there.

Ive got the Same problem about 99 % of my sounds are gone. Undock and Docking sounds Citdell sounds flying in Fleets Tether etc. are gone. please help

Intel Core i5-7400 CPU, with INVIDIA XT-1050 Sounds are gone since Update on 26, July 2020

Not only Windows 7, Ive got Windows 10 Home Edition. I5 Core 7400 INIVDIA G-Force XT-1050 In Eve Online nothing works no sound the only thing that is working is WarpDrive Activ.

We have several people reporting the same issue on win10 so it is not win7 only issue on windows.

Oh forgot I have Win 10 Home Edition. But way did it work befor. They told me years ago Win 10 is the Future and every game is going to work on that so no worries. Changing my Soundcard into a Card I cant Afford that. I dont work anymore. Im playing Eve Online 10 years now

The Soundcard Allows me to hear Dolby 7.1 (7k) Soround Sound. It cost 550 Euros half of the Computer.

And when is it solved give me a time period that I can live with. I dont know dosent count.

I found a way to still have my sounds go into the Game Settings Audio: and rise the Levels of your Sound up to almost Maximum
UI Sound Level 80%
UI Speech Level 80%
World Level 80%
Master Level 80%

Then you will get all the Sounds back that you lost.

Regards: Lord ZIzo :smiley:

We’re not aware of any outstanding issues with client sound @Lord_Zizo

I couldn’t see a patch on the 26, July 2020, but I did check the dates around it and I couldn’t see anything obvious that would cause issues.
If you experience any more problems, please file a bug report for us to look into, including as much information as possible.

@CCP_Caffeine I can reproduce the issue with sounds absence very easily:
I hear no warp or wormhole activation sounds, as well as ship ambient sounds after safe logoff and switching character without relaunching game client.
Once I relaunch the game client - the wormhole/warp/ship ambient sounds are back.

Thanks. I’ve asked someone to look into it.

edit - could you file a bug report so we can see your system information. We’ve not been able to replicate it yet.