Sounds of a Thunderstorm?

I was Needlejack jumping and ended up in GPLB-C whereupon I could hear very clear and continuous thunderstorm sounds across the whole system. No anoms/cosmic signatures. No obvious source. Has anyone had this experience before?

Edit: on further investigation it might be the sound of the star itself; but I have never heard any other star project the sound of thunder across a system before.

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I keep being reminding of the opening scene of Bladerunner. Certainly does give it a dystopian feel.

A Sound Of Thunder is great movie.

As for what you’ve experienced, can’t say I’ve ever heard that before. However quite a few players have posted reports of Audio issues in the game.

I was noticing something similar but in High Sec Amarr space, wasn’t every system but I definitely noticed it as I was warping through. I had a pan around of the camera a few times but couldn’t see an obvious source, I did not think to look at the star.

Invasion related maybe? Though the system I was traveling through wasn’t invaded or having its star fiddled with.

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