SP reimbursement for inactive Omega time question

I know that we can petition for reimbursement of paid Omega time that our training queue is inactive. My question is how large/long of a timeframe can CCP look through for gaps? Due to RL issues there have been several times that my queue has gone empty while having Omega status. I can’t pinpoint specific dates but I can give generalized timeframes.

Be nice, but the fact omega allows a player to set over a years worth in skills to train.

Its up to the player to ensure they have skills in que.

I wish what you ask for was available, i’d have a few years worth of SP’s. And that’s going back to subscription days.

Send in a support ticket and ask them nicely. If you know the time periods when you were inactive and did not have a skill in traio, that can help them determine how much SP you missed out on.

I’ve done it a couple of times before with my main and alts. The key is to be polite and patient about it. And make sure it’s not frivolous. Demanding SP reimbursement for a missed day or two isn’t really worth, but they’ll be able to help if you went months without.

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@Myythic_Onren , there really isn’t a reason why you should let your Queue go empty even if you do not log into the game. The Eve Portal app, lets you add or remove stuff from the Queue. Unless you don’ t have a smart phone.

@Trololol_Sisjan what does that have to do with the topic at hand?

I guess those timeframes might be before EVE Portal got this feature.

generally speaking however, at this point in time, there shouldn’t ever be a reason why someone’s queue goes empty unless you just don’t care.

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We clearly aren’t talking right now but significantly in the past.

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