Space weather update (minor idea)

so we’ve got space weather now which is cool, but a real world incident happened to give me inspiration for a potential minor improvement.

quick recap of what happened i was receiving a video call from someone in the middle of a storm, thunder, lightning the whole deal, a bolt of lightning happened over their home and it knocked out the wifi.

was thinking how instead of just mechanical bonuses and reductions perhaps some serious storms could do things like… knock out local chat, re-using that mechanic from a few years ago during the null sec black out.

just a thought, I think it would be cool

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Are you ■■■■■■■ nuts? Do you know what happened to ccps revenue when all the bots stopped being subbed? No you want to add it back in but with a randomness element?

well fortunately CCP has taken steps to avoid botting and given its GM week and things dying in Yulai, i think it could be do-able, maybe it doesn’t just “appear” maybe it can form over two or three days this way people have a chance to prepare for it.

many battles have been fought and won under the cover of darkness.

Lol, no they haven’t. They have always tried to make it look like they are taking steps against it but ask just about any player that really put effort into identifying documenting and reporting bots.

Ccp doesn’t want to get rid of bots just keep them “managed” enough that the majority of the players don’t recognize them as a problem.

sounds like just the thing we need then really.

Didn’t Frat have to purge all their bots and lost a lot of tax income that had come from them.

That being said storms only last a few days and the bot would just need to migrate.

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they had to get rid of a large number of them but far from all, their space was still and is still full of them. They made the mistake of getting too many too fast and even average players were noticing so ccp slapped them on the wrist then moved on.

What we need and what CCP needs aren’t the same thing.

well it sounds like something ccp needs even more than us players! XD

[quote=“Lugh Crow-Slave, post:2, topic:376030, username:Lugh_Crow-Slave”]
Do you know what happened [to ccps revenue when all the bots stopped being subbed?]
[/quote]The game improved exponentially?

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game quality stopped being a priority when they decided skins shouldn’t be freely made by players and that they would generously have us buy them from their store.

Yeah, I for one am glad players don’t make skins. That way lies the path to the hello kitty thorax

wasn’t possible with the tool they developed for it.

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you guys are going to hate heraldry then XDDD

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