Spammers using referral link for self gains

I was duped in to singing up under a referral link and it left a horrible taste in my mouth. Tricking a new player into signing up for a “Recruit a Friend” (RAF) link in EVE Online can have negative consequences for the player and the game community, while benefiting spammers.

Tricking someone into signing up for a RAF link means the new player is not fully informed about the referral process. They may join with false expectations or misconceptions about the game, which can lead to frustration and disappointment when they realize they were deceived.

The RAF program is designed to reward existing players for bringing in new players to the game. By tricking someone into signing up under their RAF link, the referrer gains benefits that they don’t genuinely deserve. This undermines the integrity of the program and creates an unfair advantage for those who engage in deceptive practices.

EVE Online is known for its complex gameplay and steep learning curve. New players who are tricked into signing up through a RAF link may not receive proper guidance or support from the referrer, who may have only been interested in gaining the referral rewards. This can result in a poor onboarding experience and potentially deter the new player from continuing to play the game.

Engaging in deceptive practices erodes trust within the game community. If word spreads that some players are tricking others into RAF links, it can damage the overall reputation of the game and discourage new players from joining. A healthy and supportive community is crucial for the long-term success and enjoyment of any multiplayer game.

By making RAF links non-unlinkable, the game developer aims to prevent abuse by spammers who create multiple accounts solely for the purpose of obtaining referral rewards. If players were able to unlink RAF links easily, it would facilitate the exploitation of the system, leading to an influx of spam accounts and devaluing the rewards for genuine referrals.

In summary, tricking new players into signing up for a RAF link in EVE Online harms the player experience, undermines the integrity of referral programs, and ultimately benefits spammers. It is important to promote fair play, transparency, and a positive community environment to ensure the long-term health and enjoyment of the game.


I clicked and received 1,000,000SP. I still have over 400,000 unallocated SP and I’m already building Catalysts from loot and mining. I have two clients who will buy ships exclusively from me now. The SP permitted me to start supplying.
The player who linked it, I don’t remember who he is. I didn’t know he received bonus. Good for him. I don’t especially need that player to do anything else for me. I can learn the game through other means and other players/corporations.
I’m happy with my SP for now. If I want more I can always risk more.
By the way, thank you for all that SP @CCP I’m still trying to figure out what all I’m going to use the rest for.

Welcome to EVE.

This is part of the game.

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“I don’t care”. Is his answer.

1 mil SP links practically fuel Skill Injector farms.

Granted, it’s a great mechanic to get new players a head start.

I think there’s an unfair disconnect though when a RAF link is being used to mass generate skill points.

I remember back when the Recruit A Friend was a 14-day free trial account. Them be the good ol days.

They will only fuel a skill farm the once, though. And arguably are better used to help start a farm (removing a bunch of training time) than they are actually being applied and immediately extracted.


Aura Voice: “Your Farm has been exhausted”

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