Special in Game offers for time purchased

Hi all from time to time I get e-mails, ads on Facebook etc. about if you buy plex you get double training or some other in-game reward. Currently I purchase a yearly subscription for all of my accounts . I believe I should get the in-game perks advertised during that subscription year. I know the rate is cheaper but I miss out on many of the perks that are offered.

Or dont buy a years sub at a time knowing that there will be an offer coming along that you will want to take advantage of

I can’t predict when these offers will be coming out and don’t care to spend the extra dollars every 2 or three months. It is much easier to subscribe for a year and set to autopay. Or i could forget and just not play eve because my subscription ran out and didn’t bother to buy more time

Then that is the flip side of paying for a years sub, you could always pay for the year then if an offer comes up that you want add it, the game time will be added to your subs. you can’t have your cake and eat it too i terms of getting the discounted price a year gives you and all the offers.

The offer are there obviously to entice people back to the game, you’ve already committed for a year

These types of offers are the future. They are very effective at getting people to do irrational things. They are unpredictable, difficult to cost-compare, and of limited availability. We are not going back to the old ways of honestly tilling your field, speaking the truth, and old-world craftsmanship. That time has passed.

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That’s my point you are trying to get people to come back to eve, but wouldn’t it be fair to offer the people who are dedicated the same perks I mean the money has already been paid and most people who are buying annual subscriptions don’t typically stop playing eve and if the do for several months they have already paid

I get what you mean but i don’t think companies look at it that way, they do not in general reward loyalty. They are after the fence sitters, the unsure people and these offers are there to temp them. Why reward you if you sub a year and probably will next year as well. they consider you a sure bet for your money.

I remember getting my car insurance renewal, it always goes up by a massive amount and I would have to call them to leave or get a better deal, and yet someone new joining that company would get lower car insurance for the year, same principle here.

Companies do not reward loyalty.

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If one of these offers comes along and you decide to buy it, the additional time gets tacked on to the end of your subscription so you still get the discount for the yearly, get the perks of the limited time offer, and simply delay the next time you re-up your yearly sub.

The current MCT promotion is a marketing disaster. They jacked up the price of the subscription by $5/month so you’re actually paying $25 for the MCT - compared to simply purchasing a 3 month subscription - not the $10 advertised.

While I have enough in-game income to PLEX my accounts, I don’t mind spending real money to support the game and usually buy the promotions. I was prepared to buy this promotion for 4 accounts but not after seeing that!

I agree it’s a mess, but it’s not quite that bad, just weird.

If you purchased the 3 month package without the 10% discount (that is offered right below this) then it is only $10 more for the MCT, so it’s kind of, sort of, a little correct.

But you’re totally right- at first glance, those numbers on that page don’t look like they add up because of how they are presented and the discounts on the pages below.

So basically, your options are to buy the 3 months without the discount and get the MCT for $10 or to buy the 3 months with the discount, but not get the deal on the MCT.

Actually the regular price for the 3 month sub would be $12.95/month (less 10% = $11.65) so I exaggerated a little - they only jacked the price up $10 - not $15! Should I apologize?

Edit: unless the $48.85 includes the MCT - then it’s simply a case of ambiguous wording - a candidate for “fix the stupid”!

Will check when I get home from work.

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Good arguments and yea company’s do that scheme. Maybe what I’m thinking is something like a special edition skin or ship for accounts that have been active for say 24 months straight without any expirations basically like thanks for being with eve so long. Like some accounts that have been active for 10 years straight here’s a super carrier on us. I find it more satisfying to receive something for the time I put into a business. Businesses keep customers they stay loyal too and give back too. Sure throw some bait out there to get people in but keep them there by offering free things for continued play and not like a couple skill injectors or generic skins for logging in real tangible items that not everyone just gets.


No, sorry man- I wasn’t trying to call you out or be a jerk, just digging into the details a little more to (hopefully) help people decide if it made sense for them to buy it or not.


Yeah, I could dig that. Some kind of anniversary gift (yearly, 5 year, whatever) could be a cool thing that I wouldn’t turn down. At least we’d know that somebody appreciates us sticking around through thick and thin, right? :wink:

$48.85 includes the MCT.

No one on the forums can help you.

If you actually want it, send in a support ticket and request it from CCP.