Special ship animation sequence effects when going into warp

I don’t know which Dev’s are responsible for ship design and the special animation sequence effects when going into warp but those Dev’s definitely deserve a great big shout out for all their hard work. Maybe somebody @ISD or @CCP_Falcon can pass the word along.

For years now I’ve mainly flown a T3 Loki Cruiser. Other than the various different ship configurations dependent upon which sub-systems are fit, the only actual special ship animation effects I had previously observed on my Minmatar ships were the weapon systems being tucked down close to the hull when entering warp. All very cool looking but not really impressive.

Anyway, I recently decided to build a Muninn Heavy Assault Cruiser and after fitting it with the appropriate modules, I decided to activate a ‘Justice’ ship skin on it. I then undocked and zoomed in the camera view to admire my new ship. I must say the ‘Justice’ ship skin on the Muninn looks great.

So while still zoomed in admiring the ship in all it’s glory, I hit ‘Warp to’ and was amazed to watch the weapons roll back into the ship, see panels pop out and swing down to cover the gun ports, just like the old 17th and 18th Century Galleon Sailing Vessels.

Needless to say I was mesmerized by that for quite a while, warping around with the camera view zoomed in so I could watch those special ship animations.

Later on I decided to log in an old alt character that’s basically still a newbie (was originally a Trade Alt) and run the Career Agent missions. The only ships that character had was an Industrial Mammoth and a Minmatar Probe Frigate.

While warping to the Career Agents in the Probe Frigate, I saw the sails on top of the ship retract and tuck in next to the hull when going into warp. While watching that with the camera view zoomed in, I also noticed that the ‘Command Bridge’ section (the long structure extending from the front of the ship) would also retract when going into warp.

Well I was definitely impressed and just like with the Muninn, I warped around for quite a while in that Probe Frigate with the camera view zoomed in so I could admire the special ship animation sequence when going into warp.

Now the Rupture and Broadsword are basically the same hull model as the Muninn. And the Cheetah is basically the same hull model as the Probe Frigate. I figure all those ships will have the same special animation sequence happening when going into and exiting warp, which in my opinion is very cool.

It doesn’t matter how long a person has been playing, there’s always something new to see in this game. Even the littlest stuff can still amaze and impress an old bitter Vet like me. Thank you CCP for all the hard work and extra attention to detail on the special ship animation sequence when going into warp.

Sooo, to all the other players who browse these forums, I’m very interested to know what other ships have special animation sequence effects happening. Please list the ship and it’s special animation sequence when going into warp.


Well, these are a few older ones that date back a bit:
Gila: Side missile pods fold in (similar for Eagle, MOA).
Barghest: The fins at the rear retract and a protective cover slides over the drone bay.
Kronos: Nothing for warp, but when going into Bastion mode the top panels along the front hull lift up like a car hood to expose the glowing power modules. Honorary mention: When you equip the “Police” SKIN you also get flashing red and blue lights. It’s the Space Policy baby!
Vargur: Again, nothing for warp - but going into Bastion mode causes a protective armored shell to unfold over the dorsal and ventral fins.
Rattlesnake: It has a spinning radar dish. Probably one of the first animations (also featured on Scorpion/Navy Scorpion).


One of best looking ship in game for me atm i carry it around just because it looks good.

Concord shuttle have it wings change positions on warp spool up/down.
Typhoons have their drone bay doors closed along side panels open during warp.
Burst / slasher should have warp animation as well
Hair dryer gallente cruiser maybe…cant remember.

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Nothing to list at the moment. I just thought I’d pop in to say that it’s nice to see a legit positive thread every once in a while.

Plus one from me, DeMichael!

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


VNI “lobstertail” section on back does some retracting and gun popping out stuff. New Praxis BS circular “wings” compress/retract into more wedges when warping.

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Isnt this like a goal for ccp? To make all ships have warp animations eventually? Every redesign they throw at us have moving part, somewhere.

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I believe so, yes. Some (like the SoE ships) will likely have a permanent animation. I was watching a video of the Trig ships and they all appear to have some really cool warp animations.

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The Caracal entering warp flattens out its wing extensions.
The Moa tucks it’s weapon pods in under it.
The various Amarrian interceptors retracts their antenna.

There’s an awful lot of good work being quietly done by CCP.


The Praxis is also animated.

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I’ll pass this along to the people behind it. Glad you’re enjoying the animations!


Thank you very much, it’s definitely appreciated.

It would be extremely cool if one of those Dev’s could post a complete list of ships and their animation effects here. hint hint


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Please don’t.
There’s a staggering number of little details and wonders to find. Just spotting something subtle - such as the Moa tucking it’s pods in - was a nice little moment.

Do you really just want someone to come along and take all those little moments of discovery and realisation away from you?

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode - please pass on my appreciation for the Developer’s efforts. They’ve built something memorable.

That the Jumpgates are correctly aligned to their destinations. That the starfirld is accurate for your point of view so you can triangulate locations from it by travelling around New Eden. That there are stories and events buried deep in New Eden for people to work together and uncover.


Well yeah, that’s why I asked players to post ships with special animation effects. Mainly because I’ll never get to see them since I only pilot Minmatar, Angel, SoCT and ORE ships.

All of that is very cool too, in fact that topic should have it’s own appreciation thread.

I like the warp animation on the barges and exhumers.

Fair comment, but consider it a reason for flying other hulls. They don’t all fly the same - there are differences in how they feel to fly.
Minmatar ships feel fragile, Amarr ships feel bulkier and more solid - not just in their shape, but how they fly. That two ships doing a substantially similar task can feel so different and reflect the nature of the Empires they represent: that’s good design.

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Vexor / Ishtar warp animation:


Yea these little details that you go for year’s not seeing then all of a sudden when you see them your eye’s light up and you become mezmorized * _ * it’s amazing! :smiley:

One day maybe we can see the minimatar sail’s been strung up and pulled tight with running cables or something lol sounds like a lot of work thou, but one can dream :heart_eyes:

If someone can link me to a Vargur/tempest 3d model ill try it for fun :smiley:

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I still admire the shield impact and reaction effects. As well as the armour damage, hardening and repair effects.
There was a time that didn’t exist.


I’ll be sure to pass on your sentiments to the team. They work super hard on making the experience of owning your favorite ship as visceral and pretty as possible :smiley:

Those ain’t solar fins. :wink:


Hehe, ok - what are they? I always thought the ‘solar panels’ were what made the Minmatar ships faster. :smiling_imp:

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Thank you very much, it’s the little things like those special ship animation sequence effects that help make this game great.


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