Specialised 'Crashing/Bumping Ship' like the Hammerhead Corvette (from Star Wars)?


Now I know this may be a crazy idea, as it would defy bumping mechanics, but just wondering whether it’d ever be possible to have a ship like the Hammerhead Corvette (from Star Wars) in EVE? When a ship approaches another, they never collide - probably due to some ‘navigational defence system’ (a term I made up lol) installed within the New Eden ships. However, I’m pondering on whether there could be a ship like the Hammerhead Corvette, which is able to ‘bypass’ that ‘navigational defence system’ and crash into the ship, doing damage to it as well as pushing it with some kind of powerful thruster system (after it has crashed into the ship ofc)? Although, the idea of ‘pushing’ the ship wouldn’t really do anything apart from moving the ship into a more desirable/favourable position (a bit like how a Command Destroyer controls mobility, except this ship can literally push/propel other ships through space). Just throwing stuff out there for the community and CCP… Take a look at the image and video below:

The Hammerhead Corvette from: ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’:


Video: Star Wars Rogue One Hammerhead Corvette VS Imperial Star Destroyers HD

So, basicly a ship that would do aoe damage to everything inside its “hit box”. That would mess up balance in allmost all parts of the game. Think of undocks, fleet formations (anchored on an fc), ratting or ganking a whole minerbarge wing.
It is for good reason that there are only 2 aoe weapons available to subcaps and that one of their use is banned from highsec.
I dont see what this idea would bring that smartbombs dont already provide, unless you dont count some really fishy shenenigans on jita undock.

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