Specialized Hold Courier Contracts

This is a very simple suggestion, but I believe it would add a lot of value if it can be implemented.

Courier Contract (from my understanding) are limited to Generic Cargo Holds, meaning the wrap item can only be moved in a Generic Cargo Hold.

There are many ships that have special Cargo Holds (Matar Industrials, Gallente Industrials) and other ships such as Ore Frigates, Orcas, etc.

Contracts of a singular item type should be able to be marked and categorized when creating a courier contract. This should then allow those ships to use their specialized holds for the contract.

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Totally agree. Might make t1 industrials slightly more relevant for hauling (although you should really just use a DST).

My hope with this type of change is that it would open up the possibility of additional T2 Hulls for specialized resources. I already use the Endurance / Prospect for hauling gas or ore - I see no reason why we could not get a Covert version for example.

Would likely require enough hulls to balance the racial composition of the haulers - but there is always the option of more creative Tech 2 / Tech 1 for hauling. I think it is one of those realms they can still take much further. But when they made the specialized hold changes it was really something special.