Spectrum Reborn is Recruiting!

September 29th 2018.

This is a day that will live in infamy. On this day, Spectrum Alliance and it’s forces declared absolute war on the Uanim system. They came out of the conflict victorious and with newfound friends. This was the first time Spectrum fully mobilized and laid waste to an entire system. It was glorious and filled with laughs and moments of absolute determination that forced our men to fight hard and never give up, despite the odds.

Fast forward to today, Spectrum is no more. A ghost of its former glory. But that will change.

You see, The Great One never truly abandoned us, he was testing our resolve and determination to continue his wishes. The Great One is alive and well my dear friends.

He is coming back with enough vengeance and wrath to lay waste to all carebears in highsec. Hear me, for I am his Prophet, there is still time to save yourselves. Join up with us today to be cleansed of your sins and help fight against the carebear menace that has only managed to grow in our absence.

Join us, or face fury.


Great leadership, would definitely recommend!

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