Speedy, Stealthy for Pochven

Been exploring Pochven do like it but already got blown up, however I am looking for a cheap covert ops frigate for Amarr but the only choice seems to be Anathema, never tested it but could it warp out in under 2 seconds with implants that are cheap?

You could go with an Astero, but they are pricey, Anathema is very slow but stealthy.

Cheap fast stealthy, a prospect could do it I suppose

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I’d go with this too, Astero’s aren’t cheap anymore, an Anthema is a slow boat in my opinion, just make sure to buy some cheap implants for maneuvering.

The T2 covert ops frigates (Anathema, Helios, Buzzard and Cheeth) cannot go below 2s align as far as I know, but below 3s is not an issue with some inertial stabilizers.

3s align time is fast enough for me when combined with a CovOps cloak, you’ll be nearly uncatchable if you pay attention.

To get below 2s align you could look at the Astero instead. The Astero is more agile and is able to fight, but is also more expensive, has lower warp speed and cannot ignore bubbles, unlike the T2 explorers which are able to use nullifiers.

My only understanding is that if you get pointed with said WS then it’s game over unless you get lucky with a WCS and they don’t have +2 scrambler but most people seem to always have it.

You can have two of the following: Quick, Cheap, and Cloaky. Covert Ops Frigs have a T1 Cruiser’s ass and align like one. Like others have said: The Astero’s quick and cloaky, but it’s not cheap. If it makes you feel better it can put up a better fight than an Anathema. It’s got a big enough drone bay for 15 light drones which is enough to carry a variety of damage types.

Warp core stab and Interdiction nullifier with a covert ops cloak is actually a pretty good combo. You can’t get sub 2-align, but you will be cloaked and immune to warp disruption.

By the time someone reaches you, decloaks you, and gets a lock, you’ll likely be in warp already.

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