[Spoilers] Sunday Nights CPF Blue, Breakable

As in the title states, spoilers for Sunday Nights CPF Blue are abound in this thread.

While I hope everyone who was interested was able to attend SeyCon this weekend, I equally hope everyone was able to catch Sunday Nights episode of CPF Blue.

While it was strongly hinted at detective Orrin Katakkan’s crash additiction for several seasons now I never thought he would go Gurri!

Thoughts? Reactions?


I always knew he was a bit of a tosser. Maybe he’ll be a less-terrible, more stylish sort of bunny than not.


Its great show Simon , each season just gets better and better.

It was surprise , but he was a bad cop , always had that bad drinking face . He just didn’t have that cop look . When you looked at him you thought criminal.


Taking drugs or alcohol is a vivid sign of criminality. And it is simply unprofessional. And it’s fine, citizens should see what disgrace tasting them could bring. Leave these fedo excrements to kakku to poison themselves. Caldari are better.

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Commander Kim, I used to patrol Prole leisure districts as an Officer of Peace & Order unit. Plenty of Caldari drink and most of them are simply hardworking citizens.


Calm down and take a chill pill


@Charles_Cambridge_Schmidt and @TomHorn

I always felt Detective Orrin Katakan’s implied moral ambiguity provided a refreshing counter to the strait laced and hard line perspective of Inspector-Major Niko Halkaanen. Orrin’s actor, Bjorn Wassubi, should be credited much for the gritty potrayel of Orrin more so than the writting of Orrin’s character itself.

If you haven’t yet, you should watch Nouvelle Noir. It’s an older vid where Bjorn Wassubi portrays a disgraced alcoholic P.I. on the trail of the Templis Dragonaurs during the Nouvelle disaster. It’s a master piece of Caldari style Noir grit and where Bjorn got his breakout role.


I couldn’t agree more, the portrayal of the Detective is another tour de force performance from Wassubi, a man at the top of his game. katakan is certainly my favourite character in CPF Blue, complex , dangerous and a man with short fuse. My good friend Bobby Dezero actually tried for the part, but the director made the correct choice in picking Wassubi. Its great screen writing and great acting that make the show the success it is.

Sounds like the kind of film i’d enjoy, Nouvelle Noir. Ill have to add that to my movie library. I do love that genre Caldari Noir.

You turn being wrong into a sport…


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