Sponsors for High Sec Corps

Obviously High Sec war-decs are a hot topic. Once again some of the older players have got lazy & are kicking in the newbs. So…

Here is an idea.

You can’t be wardecced in Native Freshfoods, your home corp. You then form your own Corp.

You have control of taxes in your corp, but you can now be wardecced.


Add a feature where you can get a Sponsor from your original Corp ( I’ll use Native Freshfoods as an example ).

In return for sponsorship you get protection from War Decs, but… You have to pay the Tax of that Sponsoring Corp.

So a bunch of newbie miners put up their first Astrahus. They form a Corp to cover it. They then request sponsorship from Native Freshfoods. The NPC ‘Derek Clagg’ is added to their board and they then get taxed the Native Freshfoods rate. They lose control of their Taxes, but… They can’t be war-decced.

So the newbs can play with their new Astrahus, and hey presto.

This forces some of the combat out into Low-Sec, and also stops the lazier part of the older players from bashing ‘seal pups’.

Moving some of the Combat out to Low Sec is… A good thing.


Based in a chat we had out in Null last night. You come into Brave’s Industrial heartlands and you’ll be stamped on. Hard.

Come into GE and you’ll get a fight that, dare I say it, is fun. And affordable, because the Industrial Heartlands are kept safe.

So that’s zones. With High Sec a bit safer Low Sec gets the fun-fights. Zones.


2p deposited. And now I sit in my bunker and wait for teh Trolls to finish.

I would preffer for them to just get help from other players -get into the social and diplomatic aspects of the game - , there are groups out there that would gladly like to shoot other wardeccers , plenty of freelancers too. That’s why we have assist wardec function.
Why replace this aspect of the game with something NPC based ?
Just my 2 cent thought …


With the advent fo the dec band aid coming next week…
you can just use NPC stations…
that astrahus, that may have come from me building one…needs the chance to be destroyed, not protected behind some arbitary condition…because it is a player built in game item…i should not have to explain that lat bit with your nullsec exp.

No wardecs? No structures.

And you should be greatful to be able to have all the other benefits of a corp and still not be eligible.

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