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OP: Im a computer engineer and know everything there is about computers, lets use this platform to rid lag in eve.

US: TiDi massive fleet lag is caused by server load.

OP: WuT?

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Stadia would reduce client lag for multiboxers.


You mean simultaneously streaming 10+ clients will not cause any problems with your internet connection or your receiving device?

So many computer experts here


Oh yeah. Hmm. How much bandwith does Stadia require?

From Google:

Plus, not to forget, you’d need to pay for several Stadia accounts to multibox.

Also OP is a phony.
More news at 11.

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I heard there should be a free 720p version, but I am not sure where I read it.

Also “everyone trusts Google” :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

I mean lets face it, Umbrella Corp, Cyberdyne, Alphabet…

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His names should have been Xander Obvious

My thoughts exactly after reading the first post, after the rest I think this even more firmly.

Does it matter that OP said client lag, and you guys are talking about internet speeds, which is something totally different? I’m a layman when it comes to computers, but I was under the impression that client lag refers to stuff like frame rate and rendering objects on the screen and has to do with your system specs, not with sending and receiving data from the server.

I’m down to receive some education.

Unless Stadia is powered by pixie dust, that seems pretty unlikely.

Improve client performance on a low end machine, sure, but Stadia isn’t magic and I have little doubt that it’s never going to manage to render a 4000 man fight without a loss of frame rate.

Lag is when you have high latency on the network that causes noticeable delay. This will extremely increase if you saturate the line with multiple streams.

Not, that has nothing to do with lag. If your hardware can’t keep up you will simply get a low frame rate or noticeable stuttering, but that has nothing to do with lag.

Stadia is already a failed abortion, so Hilmar will probably invest in it if history is any indicator.


Lol. EVE lag issues are server side and all Stadia does is introducing client side lags. It solves nothing, it has barely any advantages for players only for game distributors.

Also note that EVE is running smoothly for me all the time, there really are no server lags unless the special situations where there are 500+ players on the grid when the game introduces TIDI and slows down all participants artifically. Solution is to not participate in such events at all and there are no issues with lags as the TIDI solution actually preserves gameplay of the other players outside of that system with massive player activity.

You are right, I suspect we will see the announcement for a Stadia exclusive title at next fanfest. Damn you!!


To be honest I also wish that Eve was on Stadia. My computers are super old and barely run. I really only have a work laptop where I can’t play games. The only PC game I play is Eve Online. I don’t want to buy a computer just to play Eve. I have been playing Eve Echoes and I love it. If Eve Online was on Stadia I could play it on my TV, work laptop using the Chrome browser, on my phone. It would be so much simpler. I’m tired of buying consoles and computers just so I can play games. I would much rather just purchase a game and have it streamed from the cloud.

I also have Stadia and for me it’s amazing. I can’t wait for more games and more features.

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Eve runs just fine in Linux on wine. I can run multiple clients with no issues. Maybe your computer is just no-good?

This is true, but it would be much easier to optimize connection and server connection load to a few very well equipped locations than every players independent IP. With a little elbow grease some of the connective burden could be removed.

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Of course, there is already one (or maybe several?) very well equipped location, or there would be no server. Adding a middleman here won’t fix anything server-side.

Some cloud solution still can help players that have low-end PCs, or maybe players that want to launch a lot of accounts more comfortably.

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