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Just a suggestion. Add support for the EVE Client to Stadia. Imagine being able to offer the ability to experience zero (client) lag no matter how many players are on screen at once.

Got my Stadia today and realized how amazing it is to easily be able to play all these games instantly on Linux. Experiencing zero lag on a low quality system. Devs are allowed to add keyboard/mouse only games.

This wouldn’t replace the single shared universe server, just replace needing to install EVE. No more downloading and installing updates and patches, no being restricted to Windows.

Love this game, and it’s literally the only reason I have a Windows install. I know CCP has their hands full, but just my opinion that it would be an awesome fit. Just like Destiny 2, you could still install it the old way, or add it on Stadia, and still play on the same server.


Not to burst your bubble, but I don’t think you know how computers work…


No need to be a jerk, tell me why you think this? I’m a computer engineer, lol.


The tidi is server side. Having the video streamed to you will not speed it up. It might even add a little delay but not noticeabe.

However when CCP will be use the aether engine the tidi could be reduced significantly. Then it would be nice to have the client in the cloud so we keep settings when switching computer

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The majority of EVE lag is not from the client, but from server load.

So while, technically the client load would be moved to a server and streamed to your device, the overall problem of the general server load is still there.

So the amount of time to implement eve into a Stadia environment, would probably be high compared to the gains.


Isn’t EVE already beyond Stadia? I mean, we have game streaming since forever. (safe for a small download) And CCP is trying something similar to actual Stadia with that Hadean stuff.

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Did you try Geforce Now? It is the same and it is free for now, although it has some problems with client loading the character screen.

Seeing it on Stadia and working perfectly at 4K could be amazing. As said there is a small delay, but it goes almost unnoticed.

Would Hadean getting used allow for playing EVE on more than just Windows?

I have not actually tried Geforce now since it does not have a Linux app. Stadia at least just requires the Chrome browser. I’d love to find a good way to play EVE on Linux.

Eve can already be played on more than Windows. CCP provides an installer for macOS, and many people have already gotten it to run on some Linux distros (requires some fiddling).

However, the server lag is irrelevant to your machines OS. So getting it to run on other OS makes little difference in improving TIDI.


The benefits of a client implementation on Stadia for me would just being able to play EVE on Linux, on an Android tablet, on a TV, or any device that runs Chrome.

Elder Scrolls Online is porting their client to Stadia, so it is viable for MMOs. Granted their studio may be larger and have more resources than CCP.

I’m not expecting this to happen, but I figured I may as well show my opinion that I would buy it, and use it, so they know any amount of interest exists.

I’m not an expert on Stadia, but what does Chrome have to do with Linux?

Anyway, as said, people have already gotten eve to run on Linux. You could also just play on macOS, which has a Unix-like kernel, so can be argued it is just another Linux distro (if you are not too purist).

If you really want eve to run on Linux, you should google it, since I’m sure someone somewhere have documented their experiences on the web.


Using Wine or Crossover doesn’t run as great as running it natively on the same hardware sadly. I’m more interested in EVE anywhere than fighting any actual lag, for my instance at least. My main gaming machine is very beefy, I just feel silly needing to reboot into Windows for just one app. Being able to play in space while work things are busy compiling would be sweet lol.

I do have it running with Crossover, it just runs very very poorly, and is limited to one monitor.

Stadia isn’t an app, and just runs inside of Chrome. So anything with Chrome can run any Stadia game, including Linux.

Streaming stuff, doesn’t have the software run on your native machine… So not sure I see the problem.

But yes, obviously there are some quirks getting it to run smooth on Linux, which is why I wrote there needs some “fiddling”.

Anyway, I can understand your point about not wanting to install stuff. However, when it comes to performance, not sure streaming is the solution to it.

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If you are more interested in accessibility of eve, maybe consider streaming eve yourself, i.e. having a computer you remotely access?

If I’ve understood Stadia correctly (I basically only know the headlines etc.), it is a service where the game is executed on some server and then it is streamed to your machine.

So if you have a spare computer, you can basically just do a light version of that.

I play EVE on Linux for 12 years, so I don’t really see WTF the problem is here. There is even a Linux forum section where you can find a native launcher.


You look like someone who just joined the forum only to advertise for Stadia.


I mean we get this hipsters with every new ■■■■ that launches. Probably not the only forum where that happens

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At this time, botters are nearly limitless. With Stadia, would they be indeed limitless?