Stain 2021 April Fools,...... Or is it

Dear CCP

Your 2021 April Fools of Stain having a gate has brought some interesting talks forward in chats, Yes its an April Fools however…

Have you thought about:
1 Region gate from HS/ LS to Stain however the NS Gate puts you out in a random place in eve, Whither its in Jita and the next person to go threw gets tossed out in a WH, 3rd goes to some LS etc etc…
Basically anytime someone takes it you are spat out from the NS side to anywhere in Eve, Even Trig space (Filament basically from the NS gate but the HS/LS gate operates as normal)

Your always looking at ways to do Events and things with trig innovations… Just a thought :wink:


Why are ship designs so streamlined?

It’s not like there is any fresh air in New Eden!

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Most spaceships since the beginnings of scifi have been streamlined. Very few are bulky, awkward layout.

It’s the thing. Pleasing to the eye (and probably more intimidating!).

Many of the ships in early new Eden were asyymetrical in design. Apparently our brains are better off with the symmetry we’re told by innovative new developers.

That’s one of the complaints I have about the Millennium Falcon - How the heck do you pilot it with the cockpit on one side of the ship?!

Might ask how the BV 141 was piloted. I quite like such oddball planes.

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