Stalemates in Abyssal PVP feel really anticlimactic. Maybe provide scaling buffs/debuffs when the timer hits the last 5 min?

Just had a Deimos v Deimos fight where we shot at each-other for 30 minutes, barely moving, and then both of us died. :neutral_face:

Instead of just sitting around waiting for the end, maybe some system effects could come into play in the last 5-10 minutes? A system effect that slowly ramped up all outgoing damage and reduced resists could ensure there is always a winner.

I really like this new PVP format, so It’d be great to remove the remote possibility of randoming a 30 min snoozefest.

Serves you right. Death is the only option in abyssal space. How is that even going to help in your stalemate situation? You seemed to have been evenly matched, which means you would keep being evenly matched even with the bonuses and penalties. It would end up with a random Wrecking hit solving the stalemate and not skill.

Dying is great! But I do think it’s better when the other guy gets to keep my stuff.

In any hypothetical stalemate, one person’s fit is going to have a slight advantage or be flown slightly better. A slowly ramping bonus/penalty would give the edge to that person. Lucky damage rolls already decide fights, so I don’t see that being an issue as long as both ships aren’t instantly made into doomsday machines.

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If this was the case then I think both of you were coming from the same type of abyss, with the same resist and damage profile. This could be somewhat avoided if the random matches would only allow people to enter from different abyss types.

Reverse ti-di.


I think it would be interesting to have such environmental effects kick in that are tied to the characteristics of that specific pocket. If both ships have the same fit, it will come down to how good a player will deal with the additional pressure of environmental effects - if ships are fitted differently, one will have a higher advantage the longer the fight goes on - if both ships are fitted poorly, they will both suffer from disadvantages, thus it comes down to handling the pressure properly once more.

Either way, it should speed up the entire process which is fair imho. No need to hang out max time imho. Also adds the additional risk factor if ships are fitted to out-tank. Abyssal PvP should be quick and dirty and extremely risky. For everything else we have regular PvP.

Known issue. Came up in testing, fundamental problem is you need X amount of tank to get through the PvE and then in the PvP no one has enough DPS to win.

It is beyond stupid to have a PvP instance after a PvE instance.

Amateur hour has arrived at CCP.

So the random nature of the match up decides in advance who wins?

Has the ransoming started yet? Definitely what I intend to do when I get around to trying it out. Get something with lots of ewar, just enough tank and spank to get through a T3, and definitely as cheap as possible. Probably a cheapfit with RSD and an oversized prop so they can’t even target me.

Then kite the pvp room, and offer to let them kill me for 300m isk (or lose their ship and 30m of their time). It’s about the only interesting part of these.

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