1 - complete career agents
2- complete the 3 minmatar faction tag missions
3- run SOE epic ark
4- go the the minmatar cosmos region and do the missions around that (mostly around HEK) there are some resources you can find on the interwebz for this. i would suggest that you pre-prepare for each mission as if you miss the mission custom off (let it expire) you will be locked out of the rest.
5- by half way through the COSMOS missions you will be 4.0 and be-able to run the minmatar Epic ark.

Ok, due to your questions it seems you didn’t even bother to actually look at ‘The Plan’.

All the info (working links) and steps required to quickly and easily gain Faction standing is clearly laid out in it. Also that thread was created specifically for Q&A pertaining to that content.

Anyway, good luck to you.

Interesting. My first thread on EVE forums was similar to it - about Standings. I was surprised when I lost 2.4 Faction Standing (FS) towards opposite faction, after destroying two towers in an anti-empire mission. Therefore, avoid any anti-empire missions for this, if you aren’t interested in farming faction tags of course. Who knows, in the future you’ll looking to do stuff in another empire space. Those missions are the worst to increase the FS overall. You can notice them by respective Empire icon near their Objective in the description.

Uncommon solution. For your purpose, avoid any COSMOS agents and try to not do the career agent missions. COSMOS agent missions will be more useful if you’ll need to repair your character reputation from -5.0 standing and below, just in case. Career agent missions also are very good to repair your negative standings, but they can be more useful to boost your FS at rating 8,0 or above - you can just run Minmatar Career agent missions to gain like 1.2-1.5% FS per agent. Anyway, to get the FS to 5.0 and corporation standings (CS) to 9.0 or above fast enough, you don’t need neither of COSMOS or Career missions. It’s easy to get standings towards one faction to level 7.0 or above. It’s not hard to get standings towards two factions to 7.0. It’s very hard to raise standings towards 4 empire factions to 5.0 or above.

The best way to increase FS:

  • Do the SoE Epic arc firstly. If you are “looking under Minmatar”, just do the last missions there for the Minmatar faction (under 5 hours). The best ships are: Worm or arty Dramiel. Standing boost from 0.5 to 1.5;
  • Do the empire Epic Arcs. For Minmatar it’s “The Wildfire” (under 3 hours). These missions will grant a good boost to FS (0.5-1.5) without losing the reputation towards other factions due to derivate standings. And they can grant you a profit from 200M to 500M ISK;
  • Do the storyline missions, if your FS are under 5.0, otherwise the standing loses will be the same or more than gains overall. To keep standings balanced, you have to perform 3 storyline missons for Minmatar and 2 storyline missions for Amarr or Caldari. It’s nice, because you can gain good reputation for many Hubs: Hek, Rens, Amarr, Jita, Dodixie.

The best way to increase the Corporation standings:

  • Do the Burner missions;
  • Blitz the level IV Security missions;
  • Do the level IV Distribution missions;
  • Blitz the level III Security missions.
  • Rens requires standings towards Brutor Tribe Treasury, which isn’t hard to aquire, because there are many agents in the neighborhood. Hek requires reputation towards Boundless Creation Factory, which is tricky to get, because the are lack of good agents around… slowly but truly it’s doable…

Also get your Social skills into IV (better V). With current Skill Point gifts it’s not a problem. And, as mentioned above, use Potency-50/75 Glamourex Boosters for this, until they’ll not expire.


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