Standup Security guard

improve a structures hacking resistance.

is it a good idea?



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i initialy though this was a ‘hire an npc security guard to man the guns of your citadel whislt offline’

Which would be a much, much better idea…

being able to hack the citadels defences so you could use them or thether for short preiods would be amusing… ahh theres so much mini content amusement that could be had with it all, i still think you should be able to entosis them to ■■■■ with services/mods; though turning service mods off to get that ‘low power’ mode would be a bit much…

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If it had to take up a fitting slot, then +1

In that case, there would still be options involved around deciding how to fit an Upwell structure.

If it was a separate thing that could be added or not, then -1, since it wouldn’t actually be a choice in that instance. It would become a compulsory addition to Citadels and not really add anything to gameplay.

would be a bad idea, no more passive ideas.

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