Star Club is recruiting all miners! Newbros more than welcome!


(Maligant Rayl) #41


(Havena Goodtime) #42


(Maligant Rayl) #43

Star Club, its a fun place to play!

(Maligant Rayl) #44


(Maligant Rayl) #45

Bacon is delicious!!

(Pami Walker) #46

Joined and this is a good group of peoples. Join StarClubPub and see what we are about. US TZ based and looking to expand! Hope to talk to you soon.

(Ezekielh) #47

To the top. Recruitment open.

Visit us at Star Club Pub

(Maligant Rayl) #48


(Maligant Rayl) #49

Cookies are available!!

(Mae Creire-Geng) #50

Where is the main office? Or another office where you want to new members to work.

(Havena Goodtime) #51


(Yorie Williams) #52

A great group of guys! I’m having a great time. The cookies and bacon are really handy too.

(Mortiare Almera) #53

We are a wormhole corp that is always interested in setting up Join Ops! Feel free to reach out.

Sub Inc. - Undocking is our Specialty

(Maligant Rayl) #55

Join us for mining and building and other stuffs as well!!

(Mortiare Almera) #56

Let’s set something up. I’ll mail you in-game

Sub Inc. Undocking is our specialty

(Subspace Pareleru) #57

What a great corp to be part of…!

(Subspace Pareleru) #58

I have made so much isk with this corp… Unreal…!

(Subspace Pareleru) #59

and there are cookies…