Star Club is recruiting all miners! Newbros more than welcome!



Star Club, its a fun place to play!


Bacon is delicious!!

Joined and this is a good group of peoples. Join StarClubPub and see what we are about. US TZ based and looking to expand! Hope to talk to you soon.

To the top. Recruitment open.

Visit us at Star Club Pub


Cookies are available!!

Where is the main office? Or another office where you want to new members to work.


A great group of guys! I’m having a great time. The cookies and bacon are really handy too.

We are a wormhole corp that is always interested in setting up Join Ops! Feel free to reach out.

Sub Inc. - Undocking is our Specialty

Join us for mining and building and other stuffs as well!!

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Let’s set something up. I’ll mail you in-game

Sub Inc. Undocking is our specialty

What a great corp to be part of…!

I have made so much isk with this corp… Unreal…!

and there are cookies…

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