Star Data

So I was following the Triglavains and their seeming passion for those blue suns (I thought they were all about the colour red, but maybe opposites attract and all (not that red is the opposite of blue, that would just be absurd)) and started looking up at the star’s attributes. Now according to good old wikipedia, and this learning website there is a spectrum going from the hottest stars blue (types O, A & B), to white (type F), to yellow (type G) to orange (type K) to red (type M)… though I appreciate it’s a little more complex than that.

Now when looking at the at the star attributes for white and blue stars and comparing them to the star type themselves they seem a little off (though the pinks, yellows, oranges and reds are ok I think). In the attribute section all blue and white stars seem to be given F type spectra and temperature. More oddly the order of hottest to coldest would go O1 (bright blue), F0 (white but slightly yellow), B5 (white dwarf), B0 (blue) and A0 (small blue).

In addition stars like Seyllin which underwent a change still have the O1 stats.

Anywho, all I am wanting to know is if the data in the star attributes is correct or not at the moment (so that I know if it’s worth investigating it for clues of course! :smiley: )

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