Star Father Art Competition

Star Father Art Competition!


Fit the Ships / Star Father Competition
1: Locate as many ship shapes in the Colony Ship concept art as you can!
2: Find places for more ships or parts of ships to be placed on the model!
3: Draw and/or model a scaled-up Star-Hulk Thukker Weaponized City-Ship! (the old model is tiny)

Example: Thukker Caravan with a City Ship parked by Matar


1st Place: Fitted Naglfar
2nd Place: One billion ISK !
3rd Place: Fitted Enforcer

Runtime: Winners announced on Liberation Day.

Submissions, questions and comments to: Khaprice

Contact about Leviathan Titan Blender model if needed, it’s around.

Where the Pieces Come Together:

Just a few hundred meters out, the shuttle swung around a landing bay on the surface of the massive, unmoving vessel. Only a tiny portion of the behemoth was visible in the forward visor [to Project Skymother Chief Gravometrics Engineer Kestor Thevistos].

(Chronicle - EVE Community)


“My ship shuddered out of warp and before me floated the most fantastic vista I have ever laid my eyes on. To call it a Caravan would be to deny its chaotic splendor, it was a floating City, a space borne hive bustling with activity.”

  • The Travels of Germone Ferush


“One by one the Thukker ships approached. An invisible hand tore them away and flung them visibly into the void that lies between the stars grabbed each. As even the great city-ships were seized, one by one the geometrically aligned vessels were sucked into their wake, disappearing from view. After I was alone once again in the cold, dead space, I knew I witnessed a great and terrible secret.” - Travels of Germone Ferush

Example Technical Details:

Behemoth: Thukker Tribe weaponized city ship.
Fitted with World Ark Jump Drive and Station Shields.
Approx 1/4 the cubic space of a Keepstar: Pop 32 million.
70km long (?)

Keepstars: “Standing a colossal 160 kilometers tall” -

CCP even gave us an estimate of the amount of people in the Keepstar: 132 million people, or the combined population of the top 7 most populated cities in the world.”29 Dec 2016

Ultimate Goals

Center piece for Thukker Caravan Event/Site in Pator

In game event?
Test flight: Starts in Drone Regions, travels from system to interesting system before eventually hitting Pator, where it stays for now with a full Thukker Migrant Fleet in tow. Potential locations to land: Gingungap Black Hole, GW, Pochven, Pator


Made some adjustments/clarifications regarding entries based on feedback from [GMVA] Gori Thane, many thanks to him.

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Greetings and good luck to everyone ! Here is my submission :smiley:


Here is my submission!


Hello, here’s mine:


Given that I’ve been told by a couple of people that they’re still working on entries, and that the deadline was already a little fuzzy I’m going to extend this competition until the end of the Liberation Games themselves on the 20th of July.
Many thanks!

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Winners placing announcement!

Kaneda Emperis First place!

Firebon Orlenard Second place!

Mimi Hennver Third place!

A thousand thanks to the three of you, and I hope you enjoy your prizes!

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