Hi all,

I know CCP like to design there own ships, but these two ships would be great on EVE…

Yes I know they are from stargate but they look really good and very realistic, which race would be best for these ships?

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I think they would both be very well suited to the lawsuit race, but style wise I think they would be more caldari than any other race.


yes i know lol

Would love for CCP to make another ship design contest :smiley: like they did for the heavy gun battle cruisers :smiley:


that would be a great idea!

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Both ships have visually similar models in game already: thorax/deimos.

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Frenships ?

they look like space benis, I approve.

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Wouldve thought the rokh would be more closer.

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Agreed, Gallente is more of an organic design while Caldari utilize a lot of flat paneling.

Yeah, caldari looks more industrial, gallente have more curves

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