Star Tide Recruiting (NULL SOV)

Star Tide Industries
To Make Something, You Need Muscle!

Star Tide Industries is a small, up-and-coming NRDS corporation headquartered in the happening region of Providence.

We are primarily an Industrial corporation, which include things like:
*Defended Mining fleets
*Low Taxed PI Planets
*5.5% tax rate
*Ore/PI Buyback Program
*Helping people in the direction you want to do in EVE

While we are primarily Industrial, we do understand the need for miners to fight back and defend themselves, and the structures that house them. This will include things like:
*Lowsec/Nullsec roams
*Limited Corp issued ships
*Possible FC positions for players

Like all Corporations there are some things required when you join us:
*The want to learn, grow, and participate in our community
*A positive attitude and healthy sense of humor
*Discord/Mumble for fleets
*Full API upon joining

Chat: TISTA Pub
Or mail Nubnub Russells in game

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