Stargate Trailblazers Event - Gameplay Policy

Remember guys; dont actually use EvE as a sandbox.

That would be mean


So how do you suggest to catch a imperial navy slicer thats burned 600km off the ess warp in gate at 4km/s? cant even probe them down and wap to them, if you get within 90km they will just warp off.

6 command destroyers… though that slicer can’t actually go into the ESS so not sure wtf your on about - perhaps its just a case of you wanted to complain about something you really don’t understand?

CCP doesn’t allow griefing in the Cosmos constellations so why are people surprised about this? Ive seen a lot of newer players in highsec running these sites. As a hardcore pvper its nice to step away and try something new. Even if the rewards are subpar.


He’s more talking about the grid mechanics of the outer ‘pocket’ that surrounds the ESS’s access gate. Which can be a place to get some entertaining fights

Am i suppose to side with all the angry vets here because “weeeee i can’t engage in ganking with my other 10 cata on a venture” ?


I mean, CCP has literally stated that that’s an OK thing to do here.

Whether or not you can do it due to the population caps is another thing entirely, but ganking is very much allowed.

Amazes me to see all this whining about about a short term event.

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As @Ashterothi and CCP were talking about, this is basically Resource Wars in a different variety format… you couldn’t do anything you wanted within the confines of RW IIRC

Look at the bright side, there are a lot of posters here who I haven’t seen in a while. :clap:

It’s not short term if you think about the results.
I happen to live right next to one of the new gates and it has the potential to remove why I live there, obviously I don’t know this yet but it’s a strong possibility.
It’s also possible that this specific gate could be heavily camped which would make it useless to me and remove the system it’s in as a place where I can do stuff. Again, this remains to be seen and I will be watching closely.
What bothers me and obviously a lot of other players, is that there’s a list of rules about the event that should just be game mechanics, and worse, that players have no influence on the outcome.

Aside from all that I don’t think any of the empires have the power projection capabilities needed to pull something like this off. It’s sort of like the United States deciding to build their own airport in Moscow without asking permission, that little project would last about four seconds.
If they did have that kind of ability they would use it to forcibly tame lowsec systems in their area long before jumping out into nullsec for no evident reason.
They can’t even maintain their own borders, its kind of absurd.

The whole thing just looks silly from intent to implementation to me.

I’m trying to look on the bright side and it’s proving difficult. Maybe it won’t be camped and I can go shopping in highsec (not bloody likely, but who knows), maybe it will keep some of my enemy’s off my back (again, not likely), or maybe it will create a useful market nearby, I have no idea, but I do have my suspicions.
The most likely thing is I will have to think about moving, but since some of the other recent changes this is a lot less possible.
I’m just hoping for the best, but as usual with CCP I’m expecting and planing for the worst.


I believe this has to be the worst event you guys have put out to date. Why are you extending it two days and begging people to do it? We aren’t going to want to do an event that isn’t fun. You guys already said regardless of what we do the gates will be built so why even partake?


Its a ton of isk for joining fleets in relatively cheap ships, with no skill requirements, in highsec, within 5 to 10 minutes each… …

What are the consequences for engaging in disallowed activities? Asking for a friend…

If you think about it, CCP has been very big on removing meaningful content from EVE for a long time. All they do these days is implement more meaningless, quick rush, consequence-free activities as well as activities where CCP determines what happens despite them telling players they have agency over the outcome. This event fits perfectly into this pattern because it is a meaningless waste of time and you have no say in the outcome of the even whatsoever. Moreover, CCP will not do anything to uphold their recently proclaimed interest in lore-activities when it comes to one gate in particular. It is just shallow, meaningless, uninteresting activities to make people waste their time.

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Lots of them!

instead of a player limit and pvp rules to the sites, why not just have a reward cap based on how many players are doing the sites.

as in 10 players are in the site but only 3 of them get rewarded for the limited site. i was told incursions work in a similar way so just an idea for a reward curve

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