After jumping through a stargate, i will be immune during 60 sec?

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Yes, as long as you don’t move or accelerate.
You’ll be invisible, invulnerable, do not show on dscan (but you can dscan your vicinity), but your presence is shown in local (not in wormholes) and you can already chat there (also in wormholes).


thanks! one more question: after jumping, if i see that im surrounded by hostiles and they have deployed a bubble, can i safe log out?

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No, not until you uncloak at which point you would basically be aggressed.

More information is here:

A safe logoff can not be initiated while any of the following events are happening:

  • Modules on the ship are active or become active
  • The pilot is ejecting from the ship
  • The pilot has, or gains, aggression from players or NPCs
  • The ship is exploding or self-destructing
  • Movement commands have been issued and are active
  • Any objects are launched or jettisoned
  • A fleet is joined
  • Drones are deployed or reconnecting to abandoned drones
  • Target locks are active (both being locked and having a lock on someone else)
  • Warp Commands are issued or ongoing
    > * The ship is cloaked in any capacity, including gate cloaks.
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This old thread has great info on what happens when disconnected from the server:

If all the hostiles have a 30 second aneurysm at the same time, yes.

Otherwise, no, youre screwed. Welcome to nullsex.

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

But you can see ships and deployables on DSCAN - so you can warp to a nearby celestial instead and have a close DSCAN look at the gate. If you see a crowd of ships, you may think about another route.

Edit: This is meant for warping to suspicious Low/Nullsec gates. After jumping through, see Shah’s post below.

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But if you jump through the gate and find yourself in a bubble, surrounded by hostiles, unless you’re in a travel fit ceptor you’re screwed.

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Mmmm… mostly agree.

However, there is one last tactic that can used: Burning back to the gate.

The tactic is as follows:

  • Wait until hostiles are more than 11km away (see: Warp Scrambler range).
    Note: Don’t wait TOO long. The longer you wait, the more prepared the hostiles are.

  • Select the gate

  • Hit “Jump” on your overview and then activate ALL of your defensive and propulsion mods.
    Note: Overheating everything is HIGHLY recommended!
    Note: Microwarpdrives are HIGHLY recommended for most null-sec fits!

    Note: If you use any “aggressive” modules then you will gain a timer and can’t jump. And you will be quite dead at that point.

  • If you are fast enough or can tank enough, you SHOULD be able to jump through the stargate.

  • Once on the other side, do not look around or try to figure out where you are in relation to the stargate. Just select any celestial you can on your overview and hit warp ASAP.
    Note: The reason for this is that in any semi-competent group, there will be at least one ship that will not aggress and will follow you through the stargate. This is done specifically to counter the tactic I am teaching here.
    The only way to “get away” from someone like this is to warp as soon as you load the system and not let the hostile get their bearings. And HOPE that the two of you are more than 24-30km apart (see: warp disruptor range).

  • Once you come out of warp, warp again to another celestial and make bookmarks mid-warp. Then warp to those.

  • Keep bouncing around until your timers wear off. Then you can log off safely.


Warp D range: 20 km
Warp S range: 7.5 km

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Heh, jumping =/= warping - my bad!!!

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