Starship Tournament Commission - Weekly PvP Tournaments

The Starship Tournament Commission will now be hosting weekly PvP tournaments in Caldari High Security Space.

Tournaments will be single elimination with random seeds with prizes ranging from Pirate Faction ships, Special Edition Ships, and ISK.

The first tournament will be held on the 5th of May, at 1900 EVE time or 1200 PST The event will take place in the Citadel region, with exact location only given to competitors. Entries will be taken now thru the 4th, sign up on our discord channel linked below or contact Kyronex Flakarye in game.

The First Tournament will have Mordu’s Legion ships as prizes. Winners can either choose the ship or the ISK value of the ship as prizes.

Common Rules for all Tournaments:

  • Podding your opponent will result in a automatic disqualification from any tournaments you entered that week.
  • Warping out will count as an elimination.
  • No shows have 5 minutes to show up before they are eliminated.
  • Flying outside of the arena will be warning, next offense will be an elimination.
  • You must be in the commissioners fleet at all time during the tournament.
  • You may swap fits between rounds.
  • You may not swap to different ships.

There will be 3 events during the first week and will be live streamed on Twitch.

The arena will be a 70KM x 70KM square with 35KM up and down limits, opponents will start 50KM apart.

Mordu’s Legion Cup - Garmur

Ship Type:

  • T1 Frigates

Entry Fee:

  • 5M ISK


  • Garmur or 50M ISK

Special Rules:

  • Pirate, Navy, Fleet, and T2 are banned.

Mordu’s Legion Cup - Orthrus

Ship Type:
T1 Cruiser

Entry Fee:

  • 20M ISK


  • Orthrus or 200M ISK

Special Rules:

  • Pirate, Navy, Fleet, T2, and T3 ships are banned.

Mordu’s Legion Cup - Barghest

Ship Type:

Entry Fee:

  • 100M ISK


  • Barghest or 1B ISK

Special Rules:

  • Pirate, Navy, Fleet, and T2 ships are banned.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask. The commissioner for the Tournaments will be Kyronex Flakarye. Please leave a comment below, commend in the linked google doc (in progress), or send me a DM with pilot name and what ship you will be flying. A dedicated discord channel will also be set up this weekend. Please do not send any payments until contacted by the commissioner in game.


In game public channel: Starship Tournament Commission



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Sounds like a mini AT event, hope it’s a great success.

Just a thought, advertising this in local chat with a link to the thread as you’re flying around New Eden might gain more entries.

Anyway, best of luck to you.

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