Start date 2019. Outside the neutral zone

This is just been running through my mind if there’s a possible chance to have a point when you are able to put in the log information and all the luck advances for new capsuleers I’m not new. Just putting this out there see what happens to it. when you are in the capsule there’s programming and you try to play Eve and you start it and you’re going to the channels and everything is there a possible development of new sink V sink. ??

This has also been running through my mind as well is theres a possible chance to have a coinscience that goes beyond the information and takes you to the plane of next advance by looking at the future of eve and possibly forwarding your mental image into a carrier to fly remote while inside it but then again theres programming and you try to play eve but fail what chance is there of development???

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Can you try again

If english isn’t your native language you may want to try another forum

But i understood him perfectly, hence my response!

Я мог бы попытаться говорить по-русски, но, к сожалению, это люди, которые вокруг меня не говорят на нескольких языках только на английском языке. Я даже не мог подписать свое имя на английском или русском или даже греческом. Потому что я хотел иметь своего персонажа. И я не мог поставить любую рускую литературу в очереди в чате, потому что та же ситуация. Конечно, образование и как погода отправляется мне в вашем комментарии, немного оскорбительна.

There’s a section of the forum specifically for russian, asking there may get you better results. I honestly can’t tell what you’re trying to ask.

I’m stuck here at that position with the keyboard. I’m trying the best I can. My keyboard here is bilingual or quad lingo I can write in English and translate in Russian with the keyboard I hope this message is understood. Fly safe

Hmm, so Babel fish still isn’t perfect?
Try the old fashioned way, you have the opportunity to chat with native and not-so-native speakers 23:45 / 7 in New Eden.

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