Start the New Year with 1 Billion ISK

Happy New Year, fellow pilots!

To spread a little New Year cheer, I’m giving away 1 billion ISK to one lucky pilot!

If you could use an extra 1 billion ISK, reply here with one of the highlights of your past year. I will randomly select one eligible post and send the loot!

Your post must be date stamped no later than January 1, 2019, to be eligible. Because the stamps display to me in my local time (Eastern Standard Time), your post must be in before January 2, 2019, at 05:00 EVE Time.

One post per character, please.


For me it was the moment I said ■■■■ it and went killboard red welping insured unscouted hyperions because I was too risk averse before. Game became way more fun. Don’t remember when exactly but sometime this year.

Edit: oops thought the highlights had to be eve related

Taking part in a FW Low sec battle in Kourmmonen involving an Erebus class Titan!
Was noted in comms being the only person in a Coercer

Holoreel stated below from the Siege Green perspective:

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I had a son. He was born in August. He and his mother are my mission from God.


Dating Enso!

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I started my first year in wormholes. Lost everything, gained a bunch, lost a lot more, and I had a lot of fun. I went from 15 billion net worth to ~6bil net worth, but I cant complain. I am now starting a new corp.

I had some fun fights in wormholes. I got trapped in one after rolling, and fought this dude, killed his ships, then he bought my ship from me and I went home.

I got caught doing abyssals and then I killed a good portion of their gang.

Then I got in a really fun fight while I was in NOVAC, and made my first youtube video about it.

IRL I achieved a lot of my strength goals. I reached a 740lbs total in power lifting. As a 16 year old, that total made me pretty happy.

Overall my year was pretty good, I met a lot of new friends, including a group of them in EVE.



Getting multiple characters forum banned. One permanently.

It’s a whole new day here in Pearl Abyss land.

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My first acc. first time in the EVE, the first thing somebody said to me in the game - the best ship in EVE is friendship, I’m still there


A lot. We’ve had successes in space to contrast the failures but the greatest highlight for me was watching my son learn to walk and talk…


Got talked in to start playing EVE by a friend, and started early this december.
Still here and loving it, even if it is unforgiving at times.

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Received my 5 Gallon pin for donating blood, and being promoted to Head Trainer at two massage clinics.


My highlight of the year was actually managing to save up enough ISK to buy my marshal <3

So i could use some spare change >.<

Too many highlights to choose only one but i think one of them was the day i finished all the skills i needed for my support accounts! :sunglasses:

My particular favorite moment from this year was that moment when this got moved to the General Announcements forum.


My moment was when I won my first round of 1-1 frigate battle! That was the first and only time I’ve ever been the victor in a battle! It got me excited to do more.

The highlight of my year was when i lost a load of isk in my explo heron to a sabre, those things are nasty

highlight of my year: I started playing EVE.

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My highlight was my first kill in the abyss pvp arena

I organized an event in Kahah to bring Ushra’Khan and other Minmatar pilots against PIE/SFRIM and other Amarr pilots. The event saw the destruction of a Providence by a character-actor piloted Supercarrier:

And it also resulted in DED’s first loss (A Marshal) at the hands of capsuleers:

And then CCP wrote an article!

That was a great highlight to my year and I thank everyone who participated!


I helped start a rebellion.

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