Start your journey in EvE with Geomancy Inc

Hello Capsuleers,

do you want to start your journey in EvE or looking for a new journey in EvE? Start together with Geomancy Inc.

We build up a Corporation with the focus on:

  • Combat probing
  • Black Ops
  • Exploration
  • Small scale pvp

First goals:

  • Building up a core team (experienced Directors, vote for a CEO)

  • Recruiting new and experienced players (new players are willing to learn, experienced players are willing to teach)

  • Creation of a basic Corporation structure.


Everyone brings his own stuff. Tax just for a basic corporation structure: Office rent and such things. Future projects are in the future right now.


Covert Ops with Scanning Skills


Covert Cyno


Black Ops for bridging

You should at least be able to fly a Covert Ops.


All Time Zones are welcome.

Ingame Contact: MarquisAndras

Still looking to set up a wolf pack for kicking!

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