Starter toon 5,7mill sp with capital books

can be trained into orca,rorq,thanny since ithas all the needed skilbooks wich together 1,4 bill

asking 5bill buyout

I’ll buy it for 5b, but need some time to go home :slight_smile:
I can send isk around Evetime: 20:00

hi gabryn,

iam online now and i accept ur offer if iam not on when u are u can mail me ur account name and send the isk and i wil start transfer as soon as i see said mail&isk

gr bald

Please confirm all CPP rules apply.
Be in noob corp (eveboard shos you’re not), you have positive wallet, and you pay for the transfer.
Isk is ready to send you, but want to be sure you follow CCP rules.

hi gabryn,

toon is now in npc corp has positive wallet and mail was send to corp,
i have updated the eveboard aswell. also i will pay the transfer!

gr bald

all is ready and is as ccp rules state! as soon as i receive isk&info i will start&pay for transfer for the price of 5bill as agreed toon is in npc corp with positive wallet

5b Isk and account name sent. Waiting for confirmation.

Can you tell me about the state of transfer? its 2 days left, nothing happened…

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