Starting Over HSec Corp SMBI

After a lengthy time away, some old friends got back together to restart Strip Miners Brotherhood International.

We are simply put a Mining/Indy Corp!
Looking to recruit players from all over the world to share in our fleets and trade.
Newbro’s are always welcome and help provided!
ZERO play time requirements! Play solo while enjoying our hospitality in game chat, or join our fleets to start making some isk!

Corp Perks:
Free ship!( Come join our mining fleets, as an added bonus to sweeten the pot, each corp members will receive a free mining barge compliments of our Industrial Leader!
Fleet Mining ops with buyback!(get paid for your ore with our buyback program/or simply hop in a free provided ship and get paid to help fill up our command ships!
Next to nothing tax rates!(Everyone wants tax free, so do we! once we hit our required number of personnel, those next to nothing taxes will be given right back to you, the backbone of the corp in weekly prizes including ships, equipment, and much more!

We do have off nights where we go out ratting, but as stated main focus is Mining/Indy

Join SMBI Recruit Channel in game for questions/applications.

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