Starting Over

Ok I think I decided I like another races ships better (Minmater are ugly).

If I deleted my account and started a new one, would I get the same daily gifts that I did before? I’d hate to just lose the couple ships and some other good stuff the game gave me.

I know I can learn to use other race’s ships but I would have to buy them because all I would ever “find” are blueprints for the Minmater ships) right?

And using a new character would definitely lose me the daily gifts that are already with the first character.

If you’re referring to the recently introduced daily gifts, yes, you will lose those. They are tied to the characters that they were redeemed on.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about here.

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If I started a new account would those daily gifts reset and start over. Thereby getting me the stiff I lost but on a different account?

My other question was that, people tell me to just use ships of other races if I like them better. But I would have to get those ships somewhere. And I guess the only way I could do that would be to buy them from people.

If I actually started over, the free ships I get would be those of my new race.

Probably. I don’t see why you’d want to make a new account though.

Yes, you you have to buy most ships off the market from other players.

If you’re talking about the Corvette ship, then yes. The race of the Corvette would be the same race as your character. But all other ships are irrelevant, since as long as you have the skill, you can pilot any ship of any race.

Like I mentioned in the other thread just now, you don’t have to start over. Just go to the career agents of the race you want and do their starting missions. you’ll get the free ships and stuff.

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that’s a great idea. where do I find those agents?

The Agency > Agents and Missions >
Use the filters to find the faction and then select Career from the Type menu

Have fun :slight_smile:


thanks a lot.

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Dont be so racist. I love my Vagabond. Cause I am a vagabond myself.

LOL i meant the ships.

I was talking about the ships too. Ships have feelings too you know. They get dirty. They get damaged. They sometimes even die…

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Hel, Hurricane and to an extent Rifter are some of the best looking ships in the game IMHO.

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Just go Amarr… Best looking race by far.

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Pick a character that suites how you want to appear to other players. I chose this look because I’m old in rl. (I never got married and have no kids so my hair is not grey :stuck_out_tongue:) But you get the point. As for cross training ship races, it’s not that hard and if you stick with the game, you will end up cross training FAR more than you think you can now! And stay away from mining. It just puts you to sleep and make you a fuzzy target.

Fly safe!

I like their ship style.

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I like the hair… :slight_smile:

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