State of the Merc

nah i cant claim this one, it was people from Who Dares Wins.

Well what is the state of the “Merc”

I’d say “too sleepy to respond” or maybe “dun runnoft”.

Either way, the C&P channel is seeing an hour’s worth of posts in a day. I haven’t seen anything even remotely as entertaining as the pissing matches of yore, and I’d love to see the last few months of highsec ship losses and wars in a graph.

I flew the pipeline about a week ago.

I think the mercs are shutting up shop.

I ran into a group of miners that claimed to be Marmite alts, (and by run into I mean me and the boys blew them up in glorious elite pvp).

Conversation was included in the post below. Maybe mercs are turning to High Sec mining now? That would be a sad state if true.

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Account numbers have, though that was to do with a free package lol

You tell me…

Hello old friend.

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Do have discord and have you let go of your old transgressions?

One thing I know for certain Oh! I’m pretty sure, it ain’t over I’m not done!

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Join it

I can tell you that small merc units are pretty much dead.
You have to own a structure to dec anybody, and there are no more small mining corps looking to hire a merc to dec another small competitor.

The overgrown ego from 4-1 logi is gone? Darn.

You can block truth? The merc? They’re dead.

Eve is now a utopia everyone wanted. Get out your nerf bats and bubblewrap tanks.

You’re fringe and have caused too many to leave because of cheap tactics up to doxxing? Yeah, those inviolved in that, sad people. Grow up kids, adapt or quit eve?

Sol old boy, it’s been a while