Stater Rorgual alt


Click the site to see the skills this toon has,
I don’t know what this toon is worth as its my 1st time selling a toon, XD
With that said, Check out the skills & lets start the offers,

Buyout 14 bil.
best to reach this toon in-game, Thank you for your time,

15B Instantly. I will buyout this character. Sending ingame ISK and account.

offer accepted. toon sold.

Your ISK has been returned. He never accepted your offer.

The isk indeed has not been returned.

Let me know if you don’t get your ISK back soon.

[Dodge Duster] has offered 17. bil, accepted Transfer has started. :slight_smile:

17b Isk and account information sent to him.

If still for sale, i offer 17 billion ISK.

17 bil has been sent. :slight_smile:

18B offer then

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