This toon is sold

Sold this

Have now left corp. and rdy to transfer to a happy new owner

Also link to Zkill

daily bump

Retracting offer then

stil up for sale

still up for sale. its over 15b in just implants and skills. dont miss this

50b last offer isk ready

Dont want to go under my start bid sry

Stil up for sale. get your max and rdy ragnarok toon!

Lets find a new owner today, lets go!

stil looking for a new owner

up we go

Looking for atleast 55b isk. lets go

Stil for sale!

Ill wait other 3days, after that ill extract this charecter for skillpoints

Lol extracting gets you 44b in injectors…take the 50b offer mate.

last day!

51B offer?